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COVID-era Update: Let the 2021 Season Begin!

To our JJ customers, fans & friends,

We're acutely aware that you're anxiously looking forward to the coming growing season, so here's an update of what's happening here at Jungle Jack's.

To say the least, this past year has been exceptionally challenging for everyone. COVID has impacted both our personal lives plus all aspects of our business. After taking all the necessary precautions, we're happy to report that none of our team tested positive, and we're getting our entire staff vaccinated as quickly as possible.

Time to move forward to a summer full of flowers!

New Cuttings are on their Way

As many of you know, shipping and certifying plant products from overseas ranges from difficult to extremely difficult. This year has been the latter, even though our expertise is based on decades of shipping. Last year was difficult, so we adapted. This year brought more challenges, so we adapted again.

Due to the severe disruption of worldwide shipping by the COVID pandemic, our costs greatly increased and logistics became very complicated, so we've temporarily changed our shipping method. Instead of using air freight from Thailand, we sent our new cuttings via sea container. Since cargo ships don't travel as fast as airplanes, the arrival of our 2021 season's crop is delayed until the end of March.

In the end, we opted not to pass these increased costs to our customers since we realize many growers are also struggling or, due to extreme cold weather losses, need to replace many plants.

PreOrder & Cutting Sales

We offer JJ fans an opportunity to pre-purchase certain plumeria so that they can get our best or rarest varieties before they are generally available. We're being extra cautious this season, so PreOrder sales will start after the new cuttings arrive safely.

Barring any delays, PreOrder sales will start around the second week of April. We expect to start shipping PreOrder plants in early to mid July and continue through the summer season as the cuttings root.

Cuttings will also be offered for sale both in Vista and online at a later date.

Many Plumeria Varieties Available Now

We actually have quite a few plants available in our greenhouses, so many more plants are being added to our online inventory. You'll see more varieties available for purchase at Check back for any particular variety that you're looking for; we ship as weather permits.

2021 Open House

We're also shooting for a late July Open House date, depending on a number of factors, the most important is the decline of COVID 19. Stay tuned for a new date!

Website Upgrades

Every off-season, we find ways to make online shopping easier. This year, we're upgrading our website with new features and an improved shopping cart to make the shipping process simpler and faster. Stay tuned for announcements!

We Appreciate your Support

There is no doubt we, like so many other small businesses, are in a very difficult position. If you are able to support us, and all the other small businesses out there, please do. Purchase gift certificates, place an online order (T-shirts! Decals!), visit our Vista, CA nursery (we are open) - it all helps make a difference to keep us going.

It's not a cliché: I realize these are difficult times for all of us. I am and will continue to remain optimistic that this, like all storms, will pass. Thank you all so much for your support for what we do.

John, Christie and your friends at Jungle Jack's


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