Spring is Here! Plumeria Season is Here!

It's always a joy to see our plumeria pushing out new leaves and inflorescences (inflos for short) as the weather warms up.

For us at Jungle Jack, it's also when we name and announce our newest seedlings. Many more to come!

Meanwhile, work continues in our propagation greenhouses, rooting our latest shipments from our private groves in Thailand.

First, a very brightly colored pink and yellow introduction: Valhalla! You'll love the perfume scent and the spreading growth habit.


Even though it's early in the season, we've already started shipping a wide selection of JJ plumeria to private nurseries. This is your chance to find some of our newer or rarer varieties.

In Texas, visit

  • Buchanan's in Houston (200 plants)

  • Maas in Seabrook (75 plants)

  • Turner's in Corpus Christi (70 plants)

In Riverside, CA, visit

  • 2 locations of Parkview (200 plants)

Yesterday, we posted an April Fool's Day joke with a plastic flower: 'Blue Jack'. Hope you had as much fun as we did!

With the start of April, we now add Saturday hours 9a-3p at our Vista retail location. Stop on by!

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