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Summer is almost here - Plumeria Events & News you can Use!

Get ready to see lots and lots of blooms from your favorite plant - Plumeria!

We're looking at an outstanding plumeria season at Jungle Jack's. Lots of hard work in our Thai groves led to the best cutting harvest EVER, and after their sea cruise, they're rooting in both our California and Texas greenhouses.

Fully Rooted and Shippable Plumeria Available now!

No waiting required!

We held onto lots of our 2021 plumeria so we'd have stock available early in 2022. Order now, cause they're ready to ship!

PreOrder is available too!

Oh No! The one you crave isn't in stock! We have a perfect solution - PreOrder your next plumeria and we'll ship it once it's rooted.

PLEASE bear in mind when Pre-ordering that we want you to receive the highest quality of plant. We only ship when they are fully rooted and able to withstand the rigors of the shipping process. If you want to pick up your new plants instead of having them shipped, simply select 'Pickup in Vista'.

Depending on our local weather, you can expect most Pre-ordered plants to ship the first 2-3 weeks of July. Some varieties take longer to root and establish than others and will ship a little later. I know everyone is eager to get their plants as soon as possible, but your patience is appreciated.

2022 Road Shows and Events

Every season, we travel far and wide to bring Jungle Jack's plumeria to our many fans (who we love, by the way) at the height of bloom season. By bringing plumeria plants directly to your area, you can pick the exact plant you want plus save on shipping costs.

PreOrder will be available for Vista, LA Arboretum and San Antonio.

  • Laredo, TX Open House June 18: 3883 S Hwy 83, Ramireño, TX 78067 near Zapata. 45 minutes south of Laredo on Hwy 83, 2 hrs 40 minutes from Corpus Christi, 5.5 hours from Houston & 3 hours from San Antonio. Mariachis too!

  • Vista, CA Open House during the July 1 weekend

  • Los Angeles County Arboretum, Plumeria Day, Arcadia, CA July 15-16

  • San Antonio Nursery Expo August 10-11 details TBD

As each event gets closer, we'll post more details and plus any specials that we'll have for attendees.

2022 will be the best year ever!

Despite the turmoil of the past two years and spiraling shipping costs, plumeria blossoms bring a smile to our family's faces.

SHIPPING is once a week, and if it's really busy, your box may go out the next week. Labor shortages have hit us too, so please be patient as we pack your box and ship your new plants.

Your friends at Jungle Jack's

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