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Plumeria Resources 

By connecting to online Plumeria Communities, you can find a wealth of information about caring for your plumeria. Tap into the knowledge of other growers who post on websites and social media. These are the best places to learn about cultivation, fertilization, dormancy, and regional best practices. Novices are welcome, and experts share information and help others.


An excellent resource for growing, overwintering, etc. is 

Whether you prefer to meet other growers face to face, or ask questions online, there are many choices to suit your style. Here's a few of our favorites.

Plumeria Groups on Facebook 

  • Jungle Jacks Plumerias
  • Plumeria Growers
  • Plumeria Addicts
  • Plumeria ID
  • South Coast Plumeria Society
  • Coachella Valley Plumeria Society

  • Ventura County Plumeria Society

  • Friendship Through Plumeria Of Arizona

  • Phoenix Plumeria Growers & Sales

  • NorCal Plumerias

  • and many more!
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