BROWSE: We are excited to offer fantastic varieties for the 2014 season

Dazzling hot pink and yellow colors on these 3-4" blooms, accented with speckles. Semi compact to medium grower with an upright, symmetrical growth habit. Floral, somewhat like a rose, fragrance. One of Jack's top 3 favorites.
Very special, huge 5"+ yellow white blooms with an excellent pink edge. Strong floral fragrance on a medium growing tree.
Spectacular pink blooms with deep pink heart and gorgeous yellow and white speckles. Highly compact growth habit with dark green leaves. Light floral scent.
Outstanding multicolored plumeria with distinctive streaks and mottling. High temps bring out the brilliant colors. Big 4 1/2"+ blooms with a sweet spice fragrance that gets stronger in the evening. Medium height, bushy and low growth habit.
Kyoto Song
Striking cupped 3" brilliant pink plumeria accented with bright white streaks and a strong orange center. Semi-compact growth habit. Strong floral fragrance.
Gorgeous 3"+ pink white plumeria with a fiery red heart in full clusters. Dark red heart spirals out of the yellow center. In heat, the pink veins cover the thick petals, and the center becomes orange. Tall growth, plus strong floral, almost citrus, fragrance.
Elegantly shaped, 2 1/2" medium pink blooms with a huge orange yellow center, pointed petals and lovely rolled white edge. Blooms in dense clusters. Medium sweet scent, a bit fruity. Dwarf growth habit, outstanding bloom production and a lovely balanced tree.
Pink Jack
Large, intensely colored reddish pink blooms with deep red edges and yellow streaks from the orange center. Becomes almost totally red in peak heat. Heavy bloomer on a miniature tree. Loves the heat and can handle full sun without fading. Great strong floral scent with a touch of cinnamon.
Excellent medium pink blooms with strong orange streaks from the center, cupped petals and lovely rolled white edge. Blooms in dense clusters. Compact growth habit adorned with small wonderful wavy, ruffled leaves. Very strong perfume scent.
Translucent 4" pink blooms with very thin pink edge, bright orange center on a miniature-sized, very branchy tree. Deep pink starburst skips across the petals. Strong spicy basil fragrance that smells just like Thai food.
Tropic Glow
Unusual combination of mauve and coral, with darker flecks of color across the petals. In heat, the tree lights up with intense hot pink colors. Medium growth habit. Amazing strong herbal cologne scent.
Viola G
Heavily veined 4" violet blooms with a spicy sweet scent. High heat makes the petals develop a unique twist. Medium growth habit and delicate branches. Named for Bud Guillot's wife Vi.
Amazing 3-4" yellow blooms with red pagoda tips was named by a delightful girl who admired the flowers in our Vista greenhouse (yellow + unique). Thick petals don't fade. Medium growth from a very nice, solidly blooming tree. Red cluster and leaf stems showcase the bright colors. Lemon fragrance.
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