Selecting the Best Hybrids

Nearly all of these introductions are the result of a refined selection process that considers a broad array of factors. One of our most important criteria is growth habit; no surprise since we’re known for our compact and miniature plumerias. Next comes propensity to bloom. A plumeria that doesn't bloom well is a keen disappointment, so frequency and consistency of blooming is critical. Then flower composition: shape, size, scent, and color. Growability follows closely. Do the cuttings root well? How robust is the plant? We evaluate every aspect so you can purchase our plumeria with confidence. Finally, keep in mind that we grow and test new hybrids for a minimum of 4-5 years, so we are confident about the performance of each cultivar.

Spotlight on our Favorite New Plumeria

Every one of these new selections possess outstanding attributes in some way, shape, or form. However, a handful earn special mention: Adagio, Serenade, Essence, Yellow Gina, and Xquisite. Adagio has the most striking, cupped, and striated flowers that we've ever seen. Serenade is a compact plumeria  that puts out flower clusters up to 18” across, with 4-5” flowers. Essence has large (to 5”) flowers, and a shading and fading habit is absolutely striking. Yellow Gina is a more compact, golden form of its red cousin, Gina. Xquisite is an incredible bloomer, with nearly every tip producing a cluster of bright, rainbow flowers. 

But, please, don’t let us bias your choices. They’re all outstanding plants, and you can’t go wrong with any of them. Enjoy!!

BROWSE: We are excited to offer 32 new varieties for the 2013 season

Each distinctive, tightly cupped 4-5" flower is strongly striated on an excellently blooming, semi-compact tree. Bloom color varies widely, from bright yellow in cool weather to intense pink to dark reddish orange in high heat. Humidity brings out her gold dusting. The strong veins always appear, and her colors don't fade. Nice medium spicy scent.
We wish we could make gold, then some of it snuck into these 3-4" lovely flowers. Very unusual gold streaks and flecks on the bright pink, dark veined petals. Strong spicy scent. Semi-compact growth habit.
Very unique, big 3-4"+ translucent pink / yellow blooms on a dwarf tree. Strong peachy perfume scent. Great bloomer that keeps getting better. Fabulous bloomer with huge bouquets of large pink-edged flowers on a small plant. Sensational fragrance and magnificent color. Reintroduced by popular demand.
Almost a lavender-white, perhaps one of our finest pink-white plumeria and a nice light floral scent. Semi-compact growth habit.
An absolutely gorgeous plumeria, large 4"+ flowers that tend to bloom with 6 petals. Great fragrance. Beautiful foliage with corrugated leaves on a highly compact tree.
Slow growing, very branchy miniature tree, with delicate, highly changeable 2-3" flowers. Spicy scent. Long lasting thick blooms that vary from yellow to orange to red with pagoda tips. Faithful bloomer that creates dense inflos on short tips.
Cote d'Or
Spectacular large 3 1/2" yellow blooms that develop striking red veins and pink highlights in warm temperatures. Really nice spicy sweet scent with a hint of citrus. Multi branched, slow growing, medium sized tree. Special…
You'll think you're dreaming when you see the huge 5"+ flowers of this classic rainbow plumeria. In heat, the edges are a rich magenta color. Heavy bloomer, big clusters, and long lasting, thick petals. Medium sized tree. Light, sweet, cucumber scent.
That's what we said when we first saw this pink plumeria. Flowers are large 4"+, broad petaled and well-formed, with a white feather on front and back. Outstanding, intense coconut fragrance. Loves the heat. Fast growing medium tree.
We love the broad stripes and bold colors of this up to 5" pink white plumeria. With heat, the bright pink stripe is very well defined and the orange center extends across the petals. Medium strength scent is very floral. Semi-compact growth habit.
El Corazon
Bright reddish pink blooms don’t fade. Very nice growth habit and good blooming plumeria. With heat, develops deep purple veins. Sweet cinnamon fragrance. You'll keep this red bloom close to your heart. Tall growth habit.
It's easy to see how this 3"+ pink bloom got its name; this plumeria really jumps out at you. Deep pink and red veins pop in the heat, spreading across the entire petal. Nice floral fragrance, and large, dense clusters. Semi-compact growth habit.
It's hard to find a nicer rainbow plumeria. Great combination of brightly colored flowers and a sweet scent. Large blooms and thick petals. Compact to medium growth habit. We do think you'll be 'enchanted'.
This might be one of those plumerias that one had to see in person in order to fully appreciate, but take our word for it, this one is special. Large 4” flowers that open with one distinct coloration and then fade to another, totally different coloration without losing any of its impact. Stunning 4"+ heavily veined flowers with thick ruffled petals and colors that range from yellow to pink to ruby to purple. Soft cinnamon scent. Medium sized tree gets covered in inflos all season.
Lovely blend of pinks and yellows on a compact tree, and colors get very intense in the heat. Amazing bloomer and light floral scent.
A yellow white plumeria must really special be part of our collection, and Incognito makes the cut. Heat brings out the bright pink band outlining the petals. Fantastic strong fruity perfume, nice tall and symmetrical growth habit, and a good bloomer.
Lovely, intense, pure pink blooms in large clusters of 3-4” medium thick flowers. Medium grape candy scent with a touch of cherry. Medium growth habit and an excellent early bloomer.
Queen Amber
Unique 4" mauve apricot colored blooms glow with soft pastels, and yet the colors are completely vivid. Heavy bloomer and spicy coconut peach fragrance. Fast grower into a semi-compact tree. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder but I can't think of a prettier plumeria.
Brilliant pompoms of softly ruffled petals set this one above other pink plumerias. Colors intensify in the heat, showing a deep orange center and white mid-petal stripe. Nicely floral scent. Medium sized tree.
Rain Dance
A very new plumeria that’s really, really good looking. Excellent, strong floral scent with very long lasting blooms.
Razzle Dazzle
Very veiny lavender/purple plumeria that fades to bluish purple. The twisty petals are pretty cool and truly unique. Smells like vanilla. Medium growth habit.
Reve de Provence
Delicate 2 1/2" purple blooms, with a wonderful perfume scent, don't fade. Tall growth habit. Evokes the lavender fields of this French region.
Rojo Mojo
This intense red plumeria is sure to get your mojo back. One of the larger and better reds in our collection. Deep pink highlights and black streaks make it standout. Nice semi-compact growing tree. Soft floral scent.
Impressive 4 ½” red blooms with a white rolled edge will impress you with its compact growth habit and amazing bloom production. In cooler temps, a nice rainbow, and in heat, a rich plum color. Thick petals. Intense rose fragrance to some, hot buttered rum scent to others. Very compact growth, good branching and long narrow leaves.
Sea Star
We thought this flower stood out from the ordinary due to the many 6-petaled spidery blooms. With heat, the colors deepen to a lovely mauve and coral combination, accented with a dark red, almost black, heart. Soft floral scent. Semi-compact tree.
Absolutely fantastic 4”+ pink blooms that don’t fade. Strong floral peach scent with a bit of pineapple. Excellent keeping quality and large clusters. Profuse blooms over a long season. Robust, very compact, near dwarf growth habit and cold tolerant. Wow!
Since the pink, yellow, and white flowers open with intense coloration and then fade gracefully, it's like having 3 or 4 different plumeria on one inflo. Thick petals and nice floral scent. Medium growing tree.
Definitely a distinctive purple plumeria, and by far our best. Super thick 3-4” blooms on medium growing, thick wooded tree. Her coloration goes from mauve to greys, from smoky lavenders to deep rich purple and gold hues, all accented with an orange yellow center. In high heat her edges turn dark purple and the color depth increases to a deep eggplant hue, often outlined in white. Her fragrance is strong and sweet with a touch of spice. Attractive deep purple buds. Strong bloom production.
Big pink blooms with large gold center and extensive veins across the thick petals. Excellent strong buttery floral scent. Semi-compact growth habit. We'll let the picture speak for itself.
Fabulous vivid colors from start to finish, sporting bright clear pink with yellow peachy in the center as the heat turns on. Nice rounded, overlapping, thick petals. Excellent keeping quality and the blooms don't fade. Strong rose fragrance, then a spicy candy smell. Upright, medium growth habit. Our best, brightest rainbow plumeria and a strong early bloomer.
Yellow Gina
The coloration on this Gina seedling is truly spectacular, and the growth habit is more compact than its parent plumeria. Bright yellow flower with a scent of coconut, and as the weather heats up, the broad petal edges and tips turn red and the starburst heart spreads from the center. Wavy, deep green leaves grow from thick branches. A lovely compact tree that grows bushy and wide. A great combination!
Yellow Gina in October
Even late in the SoCal season, Yellow Gina's thick petals display strong coloration.
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