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Selecting the Best Hybrids

Nearly all of these introductions are the result of a refined selection process that considers a broad array of factors. One of our most important criteria is growth habit; no surprise since we’re known for our compact and miniature plumerias. Next comes propensity to bloom. A plumeria that doesn't bloom well is a keen disappointment, so frequency and consistency of blooming is critical. Then flower composition: shape, size, scent, and color. Growability follows closely. Do the cuttings root well? How robust is the plant? We evaluate every aspect so you can purchase our plumeria with confidence. Finally, keep in mind that we grow and test new hybrids for a minimum of 4-5 years, so we are confident about the performance of each cultivar.

Spotlight on our Favorite New Plumeria

Every one of these new selections possess outstanding attributes in some way, shape, or form. However, a handful earn special mention: Adagio, Serenade, Essence, Yellow Gina, and Xquisite. Adagio has the most striking, cupped, and striated flowers that we've ever seen. Serenade is a compact plumeria  that puts out flower clusters up to 18” across, with 4-5” flowers. Essence has large (to 5”) flowers, and a shading and fading habit is absolutely striking. Yellow Gina is a more compact, golden form of its red cousin, Gina. Xquisite is an incredible bloomer, with nearly every tip producing a cluster of bright, rainbow flowers. 

But, please, don’t let us bias your choices. They’re all outstanding plants, and you can’t go wrong with any of them. Enjoy!!

BROWSE: We are excited to offer 32 new varieties for the 2013 season

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