BROWSE: Halo - Kyoto Song

Large pale pink bloom with well defined orange center and red starburst. Very unique perfume scent with a touch of spice. Prefers shade during very hot weather. A very strong compact grower and excellent bloomer, with a nice scent to complement the overall effect.
Heart's Desire
Strong growing and reliably blooming tree with gracefully streaked 3-4" pink white flowers in nice clusters. Early blooms tend to have heart-shaped petals. Heat brightens the intense pink edge and red yellow starburst center. Nice floral scent. Round, bright green foliage on a semi-compact tree.
Absolutely stunning, thick petaled, bright orange and fuchsia blooms that seem to shimmer with the heat. Even the new leaves and branch tips are a beautiful coral color on a thick wooded, semi-compact tree. Gorgeous thick, glossy leaves. Light floral scent.
A heavy blooming, thick petaled white blooms with a really beautiful, strong perfume scent. Huge, ball-shaped inflow. Tends to have a crawling growth habit on a medium sized tree, and never gets too tall.
Early blooming, 3”+ yellow white blooms with numerous clusters. Under high heat, develops beautiful red details in the middle of the petals. Growth is medium with dark green, pointed leaves and heavy branching. Strong sweet citrus or vanilla fragrance. A standout when the entire tree lights up, blooming all at once.
Very round, intense yellow blooms with hot pink rim. With heat, the rim turns purple, making the flowers even more eye-catching. Rigid stems hold densely packed inflos high above the emerald green foliage. Semi-compact growth habit. Nice floral scent.
Large (nearly 5”) deep red flowers with a golden center ring and a cherry red core. With heat, black feathering appears on the edges. Sweet perfume scent. Tall grower, heavy wooded. Kingly to say the least…
Inca Gold
Pure yellow, sometimes with a touch of white, thick 3"+ blooms and a beautiful strong perfume scent with a touch of jasmine. Consistently early, heavy blooming tree with upright, medium growth. Reliable early bloomer and a strong grower.
A yellow white plumeria must really special be part of our collection, and Incognito makes the cut. Heat brings out the bright pink band outlining the petals. Fantastic strong fruity perfume, nice tall and symmetrical growth habit, and a good bloomer.
Inner Peace
Bold yet softly colored 4" ivory colored blooms with pink bands on nicely rounded, medium thick petals. With heat, the white edge ruffles, making the bloom look like a conch shell. With even more heat, the flowers transform into brilliant red yellow mottling or strong orange colors. The yellow center is accented with a red starburst. Spicy scent. Growth habit is medium.
With bright red buds, equally bright green foliage, and up to 4” yellow white flowers, the first thing that came to mind was the Italian flag. Nice red edges and intense red heart in the yellow center. Petals tend to reflex. Medium growth habit, and a medium floral scent.
Amazing 3-3.5" red orange blooms with a gold center that radiates bright red and pink colors. Very thick textured, rolled edge flowers with a medium spicy sweet fragrance that gets stronger as the blooms age. Heavy dramatic veining that changes with the temps, making each flower unique. The name is from our research field code, and somehow stuck. Gorgeous, very thick glossy leaves on a well-balanced, compact, heavy wooded tree.
Stunning yellow blooms show off vibrant red tips and are nicely scented. Thick flowers that change daily in shape and appearance, depending on the weather. When it's hot, the entire bloom is orange. One of our signature pagoda-shaped plumeria, distinguished by its naturally wavy, almost crinkled foliage. Big thick leaves. Easy to grow, semi-compact tree and very heavy bloomer. Light vanilla fragrance.
Any plumeria that produces huge, basketball-sized clusters is special. Beautiful 4" pink yellow blooms have a large bright yellow center with a deep red starburst. As the heat climbs, the bright pink edge gets larger and larger until it covers the entire flower, creating a white feather effect. Reliable, prolific clusters over a long bloom season. Very good keeping quality and nice floral scent. Fast growing, medium-sized tree is easy to grow and branches well.
Name aside, this plumeria is no joke. Each flower manages to look fantastic in a wide range of temperatures. Highly changeable, the pink, yellow, orange colors appear in many combinations, including a vibrant coral red in high heat. Medium growth habit, corrugated leaves, and nicely sized inflos, very thick flowers over 3”. Unusual fresh sweet mushroom scent. We evaluated this one for nearly 3 years before releasing it.
Bright pink red 3-4" blooms with leaves that are almost completely resistant to rust. If you live in a tropical/humid climate you'll be celebrating this jubilee. Great bloomer with big clusters over a very long season. Medium growing tree and strong spicy sweet fragrance. Good keeping quality.
A truly spectacular flower, my dad and I rate it as one of our top 2-3 in the 20+ years of selective breeding. Huge 4-5", blood-orange/mango color with extensive veins radiating from a deep red, almost black, heart. Heat and sunlight levels will vary the rich coloration from apricot to vibrant ruby to strong orange. Great fragrance, unique mix of delightful tropical fruits. Good texture. Semi-compact growth habit keeps the huge inflos where you can easily see them. Handles heat and sun very well
Gorgeous, delicately-shaped pink white blooms in large clusters. Iridescent petals have strong white veins, and a distinct yellow-orange center with a red starburst heart. Medium growing tree and decent bloom production. The petals have a lovely unusual frilly, ruffled edge that looks like crepe paper. Bright purple edges during heat make the flowers unique. Nice light sweet scent.
Ken's White
Perhaps our best blooming white plumeria, with a vigorous medium growth habit. Nice strong floral scent. Blooms constantly and grows quickly once established in the ground. Gorgeous glossy bright green leaves. One of our loyal customers fell in love with this then-unnamed tree.
Kyoto Song
Striking cupped 3" brilliant pink plumeria accented with bright white streaks and a strong orange center. Semi-compact growth habit. Strong floral fragrance.
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