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Caring for your Plumeria

Plumeria can be grown in any climate, whether as a colorful landscaping tree in the warmer climates, or as a fragrant shrub on the patio. 

Sun: Position your plumeria where it will get as much sun as possible. It will grow in shady and/or cool spots, but speed of growth and blooming will be impacted.

Soil: Plumeria are not picky about soil, with one MAJOR exception – they hate wet feet! Make sure your plumeria has excellent drainage wherever you plant it.

Fertilizer: We generally use commercial mixes with a 1-1-1 ratio or similar for our larger plants, and a slow-release fertilizer on our smaller plumeria.

Water: During the growing season, plumeria respond well to frequent watering. However, as temperatures cool near the end of the season, they’ll need less water, and once they go dormant, they should be watered sparingly or not at all.

Temperature: Plumerias dislike cold as much as they like heat. If there’s a danger of a frost or freeze, you must protect your plumeria. If your plumeria can be moved, bring it to a sheltered area, such as garage or covered porch. Larger plants that can’t be moved can be covered with frost cloth or even sheets.

Bare root: We recommend that you use the same container size that the plant was grown in prior to shipping, along with a well-drained commercial soil mix. Place in a warm area and soon your plumeria won’t know it was moved.

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