BROWSE: Utopia - Zona Rosa

Utopia in Vista
Starburst within a star shape is something we love! Utopia glows with pink petals enclosing a yellow center, accented with a bright pink petal edge and a fiery red starburst heart. Nice peachy scent. Medium to semi-compact growth habit.
Exceptional, heavily veined 3-4" reddish pink to true red blooms with a large red center and white center stripe. Strong sweet candy scent and large clusters. A vigorous medium grower and great bloomer.
A thick wooded semi-compact tree sports intensely colored pink-yellow blooms with strong deep pink veins radiating from a well-defined yellow heart. In high temperatures, white webbing spreads across the petals for a nice contrast. Lovely perfume scent. Tends to grow more like a spreading bush than a tree.
Definitely a distinctive purple plumeria, and by far our best. Super thick 3-4” blooms on medium growing, thick wooded tree. Her coloration goes from mauve to greys, from smoky lavenders to deep rich purple and gold hues, all accented with an orange yellow center. In high heat her edges turn dark purple and the color depth increases to a deep eggplant hue, often outlined in white. Her fragrance is strong and sweet with a touch of spice. Attractive deep purple buds. Strong bloom production.
The way Venice blooms will grab your attention. Love the red yellow swirly eye, and the 3" pink white blooms are really round. Early blooming plumeria. Nice floral scent. Medium growth habit.
Gorgeous, luscious 3-4" pink rainbow with an excellent strong floral scent, blooming in really nice clusters. Pretty pink veins radiate from a red yellow center. In the heat, the entire flower is deep pink with an orange center. Semi-compact growth habit.
A very compact tree with uniquely formed, magenta coral flowers with a distinct twist on the speckled petals. Soft floral scent. Named while listening to a U2 song.
Brilliantly colored 4"+ white pink blooms really jump right out at you, as will the way it blooms. Sweet peach scent from medium thick flowers. Solid clusters consistently produced on a medium tree.
Vienna Rose
Very unique pink blooms, heavily veined in white, with a rare triple starburst center. White feather on the back of the petals. Colors stay very consistent in cooler weather. Exquisite carnation fragrance with a touch of spice. Medium growing tree with thick branches.
Viola G.
Heavily veined 4" violet blooms with a spicy sweet scent. High heat makes the petals develop a unique twist. Medium growth habit and delicate branches. Named for Bud Guillot's wife Vi.
Big pink blooms with large gold center and extensive veins across the thick petals. Excellent strong buttery floral scent. Semi-compact growth habit. We'll let the picture speak for itself.
Vividly colored in the heat, producing heavily striped 2-3" blooms. Excellent heavy early bloomer. Strong perfume scent. Large clusters on a well-shaped, wide spreading, compact tree with good branching.
Wild Pink
With dense, shiny foliage, this is a visually arresting plumeria sports very bright pink blooms with a nice floral fragrance. Magneta lines radiate from the bright gold center. Medium growth habit.
Brightly colored, pink orange blooms with a unique sweet and spicy scent that will remind you of 'Pepperoni Pizza'. Incredibly long staying power. Under hot conditions, the blooms are a fiery orange and pink. Medium growth habit.
Prolific bloomer, creating a vibrant splash of 4" white blooms with a strong pink edge and bright yellow red center. Wonderful strong floral perfume. Medium growing tree with glossy foliage and long leaf stems. Bright orange center appears as the long lasting blooms fade on the huge inflos.
Fabulous vivid colors from start to finish, sporting bright clear pink with yellow peachy in the center as the heat turns on. Nice rounded, overlapping, thick petals. Excellent keeping quality and the blooms don't fade. Strong rose fragrance, then a spicy candy smell. Upright, medium growth habit. Our best, brightest rainbow plumeria and a strong early bloomer.
Yellow Gina
The coloration on this Gina seedling is truly spectacular, and the growth habit is more compact than its parent plumeria. Bright yellow flower with a scent of coconut, and as the weather heats up, the broad petal edges and tips turn red and the starburst heart spreads from the center. Wavy, deep green leaves grow from thick branches. A lovely compact tree that grows bushy and wide. A great combination.
Amazing 3-4" yellow blooms with red pagoda tips was named by a delightful girl who admired the flowers in our Vista greenhouse (yellow + unique). Thick petals don't fade. Medium growth from a very nice, solidly blooming tree. Red inflo and leaf stems showcase the bright colors. Lemon fragrance.
We love the 3" hot pink blooms with bright yellow center accented with dark pink veins. The white edge contrasts nicely with the bright colors and white webbing. Compact growth habit, and an interesting, unusual floral scent.
Zen T
Our newest lavender plumeria in large clusters that gets a bluish tint in the heat. Really nice scent. Semi-compact growth habit.
We love the 3" hot pink blooms with bright yellow center accented with dark pink veins. The white edge contrasts nicely with the bright colors and white webbing. Compact growth habit, and an interesting, unusual floral scent.
Zona Rosa
Large, 4-5" very intense pink blooms with a earthy butter scent. With heat, the petal edges turn deep purple to a vivid royal blue. Gorgeous purple and magenta buds. Tall tree with dense branching and thick, distinctive wood.
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