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Premium Tags Explained

You've seen them in Vista, and you've seen them in big box stores. So exactly which plants get a Jungle Jack's Plumeria Premium tag?

This question pops up when we release a block of plumeria with our Premium tags: Pink, Red, Pink White, Yellow, Yellow White, Rainbow or Lavender. On occasion these plants have a hand-written code on the trunk. These code names are unique identifiers that help us locate trees in our Thai groves.

Essentially, the Premium varieties are sourced from four types of trees

  1. Trees that we've identified by color, e.g. yellow, pink white, rainbow etc., but which do not yet have a code name.

  2. Trees with a code name that are being evaluated. We test cuttings from each new tree to make sure they grow and bloom well outside of Thailand.

  3. Trees with a code name waiting to be named. This is fairly rare but does happen every so often. A 2020 example is the Premium Red - SF9R1 - a beautiful red bloom!

  4. Occasionally we run out of tags for a named variety, and substitute the closest appropriate Premium tag. We make every effort to avoid this! However, tag printing requires lead time and we sometimes have no choice. However, you cannot and should NOT assume that any particular plant with a Premium tag is a named variety. Most likely it is not.

Buy with confidence

There is no degradation in bloom production or tree quality across these categories. Often the only reason a tree is not coded is because we haven’t seen its best or most typical flowers. In other cases, the tree happens to be a named variety but wasn't tagged with its name.

Each of these trees is individually selected based on strong bloom production, flower size, flower color and growth habit. In other words, though they may not be named they are still outstanding plumerias.

However, flower colors for Premium tags can vary, since we choose the main bloom colors when adding a hang tag. For example, a Premium Pink flower may also have yellow and white hues. Colors can also vary by climate.

What's a Mystery tag?

Premium hang tags are not the same as Mystery hang tags. If we don't know what color the plant will bloom, we use a Mystery tag. The vast majority of Mystery tagged plants are simply due to lost tags, and the plumeria could be any one of our varieties.

Premium tagged plumeria are high quality plants

Over the last few years we have been moving more and more of our production into the named varieties, so over time the number of Premium tagged plants will decline, so grab them while you can!


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