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Impressive 4 ½” red blooms with a white rolled edge will impress you with its compact growth habit and amazing bloom production. In cooler temps, a nice rainbow, and in heat, a rich plum color. Thick petals. Intense rose fragrance to some, hot buttered rum scent to others. Very compact growth, good branching and long narrow leaves.
Sublime 4" blooms evoke a desert sunset, with soft yellows giving way to a faint purple haze, accompanied by an excellent, very strong perfume scent. Great keeping quality and strong flower production. Medium growth habit with dark glossy leaves.
Salmon Jack
Utterly gorgeous 4"+ blooms on an extremely compact to dwarf growing tree with lovely round leaves. Thick petals, strong sweet fruity scent. Vividly colored, with a mottled blend of pink, white and orange.
Lovely bright red orange center bleeds to pink edges on 2-3” striated blooms. Sweet floral and spicy fragrance. Starting early, the tree blooms profusely over a long season. Slow growing, semi-compact growth with a dense dark green canopy. Very, very nice!
Satin Sun
Vivid pink blooms with orange yellow center and red starburst heart in good-sized clusters. Strong spicy, sweet scent and a heavy bloomer. Tall growth habit with dark green leaves.
The most strongly scented of all our plumerias. A robust, medium growing tree that produces large clusters of thick textured 4"+ vanilla white blooms. During peak bloom, it’s possible to detect the intense spicy jasmine fragrance nearly 100 feet from a larger tree. Huge leaves and a very good brancher. Cold tolerant. Truly amazing…
Sea Star
We thought this flower stood out from the ordinary due to the many 6-petaled spidery blooms. With heat, the colors deepen to a lovely mauve and coral combination, accented with a dark red, almost black, heart. Soft floral scent. Semi-compact tree.
This beauty's elegant shape complements a blend of salmon, pink, brown and red tones. Peach tones slowly turn to a light brown then to the majestic colors of Red Rock countryside of Sedona. Strong peach scent, very thick petals and an excellent bloomer. Semi-compact tree.
Absolutely fantastic 4”+ pink blooms that don’t fade. Strong floral peach scent with a bit of pineapple. Excellent keeping quality and large clusters. Profuse blooms over a long season. Robust, very compact, near dwarf growth habit and cold tolerant. Wow!
Shangri La
The delicacy of the coloration is amazing. Ivory petals outlined in rich fuchsia with a large orange to yellow center. With hot weather, the fuchsia edges extend further towards the heart, forming a white feather on the petals. Heavy bloomer and strong, simply excellent perfume. Medium thick petals and big clusters. Compact growth habit. This is one plumeria you must have.
3" floral scented, vivid pink with an eye-catching orange vortex center. Deep pink veins extend across the rounded, cupped petals. Nice clusters on a strong growing, semi compact tree.
Shooting Star
Striking 2.5-3” spider-shaped blooms with multicolored petals. Slender separated petals reflex into an ornate ball shape. Very vibrant orange and gold colors, accented with magenta outer edges. Outstanding red veins create a striped look. Solid medium growing tree. Floral scent.
P. obtusa 'Dwarf Singapore'
The Dwarf Singapore Pink is well known and loved throughout the world for its glossy green foliage and delightful pink / white flowers. Although it's fairly common and widely available, we like it as much as anybody else, and are pleased to offer it at the Jungle Jack's level of quality.
P. obtusa 'Singapore'
Classic large white plumeria on evergreen, full sized tree. Not a Jungle Jack bred variety.
One of the more unique color combinations we've observed, sort of a molten tan rainbow right out of a desert mirage. Gorgeous. Semi-compact to medium growth habit. Flowers to 3"+. Really nice floral scent.
Large pink white blooms with red yellow pinwheel center. Looks best under intense light conditions, semi-compact growth habit.
Magical huge 4"+ striated pink blooms from our research field. Thick petals and a strong fruity fragrance with a touch of nutmeg or cinnamon. In heat, the dark red center spreads veins across the petals and the edges turn purple. Gorgeous huge leaves stay on the tree for a long time, making a lovely canopy. Strong wood on medium growing tree.
Southern Cross
Brilliant clusters of 3” white pink yellow flowers on a very good blooming tree. With heat, the bright red heart forms a red starburst across the petals. Great rose scent. Semi-compact growth habit, heavy clusters and reliable grower.
We really love violet hues, and this gorgeous 3" mauve beauty develops cupped tips with streaky purple edges in the heat. Medium growth habit. Lovely, strong floral fragrance.
Star of Siam
Big, softly curled pink blooms with white veins that get lovely ruffled edges. Gorgeous sweet floral fragrance. Utterly huge clusters - an absolute explosion of long lasting, thick flowers. Fast growing, strong, medium sized tree with excellent branching and knobby wood.
Star White
Incredible white plumeria that blooms on nearly every tip early in the season, with inflos lasting nearly 3 months. Medium growing tree with vivid, dark green foliage. Strong floral scent, similar to jasmine.
Unique, nested ‘shape within a shape’ coloration on a compact growing tree. Large, medium thick flowers display a highly changeable pink, yellow and white shark tooth pattern radiating from the center, accented with a glowing red starfish in the heat. Great coconut scent. Almost makes you want to reach into the tide pool to pull this beautiful flower out.
Huge, eye-catching 4"+ white yellow blooms get a vibrant red orange throat in the heat. Nice floral scent. Beautiful dark green leaves on a heavy blooming, miniature tree. We like this plumeria A LOT.
Since the pink, yellow, and white flowers open with intense coloration and then fade gracefully, it's like having 3 or 4 different plumeria on one inflo. Thick petals and nice floral scent. Medium growing tree.
Huge, full clusters of beautiful, very round pink and orange 3" flowers with gorgeous, thick, overlapping petals. With heat, the blossoms turn a beautiful dark pink to deep red with graining through the petals. Never stops blooming – clusters can start blooming again in the spring. A very strong grower. Stays semi-compact with short branches. Soft spicy scent.
Gorgeous 3" pink blooms feature a large peach center, white rolled rim and heavy deep pink veins throughout the petals. Combines a gorgeously strong, sweet coconut vanilla scent with a robust semi-compact growth habit. Blooms from almost every tip.
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