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Say Hello to a 2024 Full of Flowers!

Imagine your garden filled with the fragrance and colors of Jungle Jack's plumeria. Now is the time to take advantage of our off-season sales to give your garden a head start on the summer season.

Great online deals on multi-packs of dormant Small (one gallon, single tip or short multi-tip) rooted, potted plumeria. While supplies last, so don't miss this winter special.

Added bonus: shipping and handling is included in the price! We'll ship either when the weather warms enough to safely deliver your new plants or when you ask us to send them.

Five different packs to choose from. Sorry, no substitutions.

  • 2 pack for $95Golden Whisper and Opus. Regular price: $137 plus $30 S&H. Save $52.

  • 4 pack for $95: Fuji Mist, Ken's White, Macarena, Synchronicity. Regular price: $117 plus $40 S&H. Save $62.

  • 4 pack for $95: Premium Lavender, Thai Jade, Tropic Glow, Xanadu. Regular price: $109 plus $40 S&H. Save $54.

  • 4 pack for $95: Dragon Tears Laredo Princess Pixie Dust SuperNova. Regular price: $114 plus $40 S&H. Save $59.

  • 4 pack for $85: Bayeux, Blizzard, Cardinal, Electric. Regular price: $97 plus $40 S&H. Save $52.

Click HERE to get started with your order.

As always, your friends at Jungle Jacks thank you for supporting our small, family-run business.


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