BROWSE: Daydream - Grace

You'll think you're dreaming when you see the huge 5"+ flowers of this classic rainbow plumeria. In heat, the edges are a rich magenta color. Heavy bloomer, big clusters, and long lasting, thick petals. Medium sized tree. Light, sweet, cucumber scent.
Large 3-4" pink white flowers with a dark red heart in the yellow center stand high above lush dark green foliage. With heat, edges form deep pink feathering. Strong bloomer with a great form. Growth is semi-compact with very thick branches. Incredibly strong fantastic fragrance, and the thick blooms form a perfectly round bouquet.
Desert Sunrise
Dense, long lasting clusters of blazing, yet delicately colored 3-4" flowers. Thick, yellow-orange blooms with dark pink veining and dark pink outer edges. The highly variable shading and veins are gorgeous. Sweet grape scent. First and last to bloom. An amazing display when the entire tree blooms. Shiny green foliage on a semi-compact tree. This stunning plumeria belongs in every collection.
Huge 4-5", brilliantly colored pink yellow flowers make this a very memorable plumeria. Petals develop a white stripe down the center, and veining becomes pronounced with heat. Delicious fragrance. Growth habit is medium-tall.
Fantastic pink white flowers with a wonderfully strong perfume scent. pink veins, Yellow-peachy color toward center. The hotter the temps, the more intense the pink colors. Blooms in multiple flushes over a very long bloom season. Very dense growth with branches growing shorter as the tree ages. The leaves are thick and shiny. Reliable, prolific, heavy bloomer that's cold tolerant. Our first dwarf plumeria and probably our finest.
Dragon Tears
Unique yellow white plumeria with large 3-4” flowers in a distinct twist with red pagoda tips. Brilliant red orange streaks in warmer weather. Great fragrance, similar to tuberose. In very hot climates, grows best in semi shade. Medium to tall growth habit.
Dream Star
Quite an enigmatic plumeria, these 3-4" yellow white blooms show an amazing magenta starburst in the hottest conditions. When the color erupts, wow! Light floral scent and medium-framed tree.
Striking, delicately streaked 3-4" pink orange blooms with a hint of rainbow. Coloration ranges from pink and yellow to deep, rich, shimmering coral, always accented with strong veins and feathered edges. Thick petals, excellent keeping quality and heavy bloom production. Medium to strong peach cream scent. Slow growing but robust compact tree offset with dark green foliage.
That's what we said when we first saw this pink plumeria. Flowers are large 4"+, broad petaled and well-formed, with a white feather on front and back. Outstanding, intense coconut fragrance. Loves the heat. Fast growing medium tree.
We love the broad stripes and bold colors of this up to 5" pink white plumeria. With heat, the bright pink stripe is very well defined and the orange center extends across the petals. Medium strength scent is very floral. Semi-compact growth habit.
El Corazon
Bright reddish pink blooms don’t fade. Very nice growth habit and good blooming plumeria. With heat, develops deep purple veins. Sweet cinnamon fragrance. You'll keep this red bloom close to your heart. Tall growth habit.
It's easy to see how this 3"+ pink bloom got its name; this plumeria really jumps out at you. Deep pink and red veins pop in the heat, spreading across the entire petal. Nice floral fragrance, and large, dense clusters. Semi-compact growth habit.
Spectacular pink blooms with deep pink heart and gorgeous yellow and white speckles. Highly compact growth habit with dark green leaves. Light floral scent.
A strong semi-compact plumeria that we originally called 'painted pink' because the swirl looks painted on. 3-4” thick blooms on good clusters. Petals become more pink and the center more orange as the temperature rises. Retains strong pink color after picking. Soft sweet spicy scent and a fantastic, reliable bloomer. Beautiful, thick, emerald green broad leaves on thick branches.
Purple violet blooms on basket ball-sized inflos. Semi-compact to medium growth habit. Sweet exotic fragrance with a touch of lilac.
It's hard to find a nicer rainbow plumeria. Great combination of brightly colored flowers and a sweet scent. Large blooms and thick petals. Compact to medium growth habit. We do think you'll be 'enchanted'.
Stunning, saturated colors ranging from orange to yellow pink to reddish purple. 3-4" thick blooms with plenty of stripes and veins. Semi-compact growth habit makes a nicely shaped tree. Light floral scent on our own Gina seedling.
Outstanding multicolored plumeria with distinctive streaks and mottling. High temps bring out the brilliant colors. Big 4 1/2"+ blooms with a sweet spice fragrance that gets stronger in the evening. Medium height, bushy and low growth habit.
This might be one of those plumerias that one had to see in person in order to fully appreciate, but take our word for it, this one is special. Large 4” flowers that open with one distinct coloration and then fade to another, totally different coloration without losing any of its impact. Stunning 4"+ heavily veined flowers with thick ruffled petals and colors that range from yellow to pink to ruby to purple. Soft cinnamon scent. Medium sized tree gets covered in inflos all season.
Amazingly prolific, early blooming plumeria. Nearly every tip lights up with brilliant 4-5”+ twisty pink blooms with hot pink edges. Strong floral fragrance. Medium growth habit.
Fantasy V copy
Sweet pink white 3 1/2" blooms with ruffled edges and a well-defined yellow orange center. Unusual scalloped leaf edges. Possesses an interesting, medium growth habit, like a stick figure. Nice sweet scent. After great feedback from our customers, we're offering this plumeria again.
A brilliant orange, pink and yellow rainbow plumeria with an amazing, strong perfume scent. Very consistent late bloomer, and a big, very brightly colored flower. Medium, upright growth habit with thick branches. Very cold tolerant.
Brilliant 3-4" pink rainbow plumeria with an excellent floral scent to match. Splashy, almost neon-pink clusters. Excellent, semi-compact growth habit.
One of our prettiest pink varieties, this semi-compact tree is an excellent bloomer as well as a reliable grower. Heavily veined, large 3-3 1/2" flowers have a strong orange center and a light floral scent.
Flourish T1
Huge 5"+ bright white blooms in large clusters have a dusty floral scent. Very large leaves on strong blooming medium tree.
Fool's Gold
Soft yellow, very large 4" blooms with a bright yellow center and pink red bands. Heat brings out orange edges. Large, brightly colored clusters held high above a medium tree with heavy branching. Consistent early blooming plumeria with wonderful strong perfumed flowers.
Fuji Mist
Very large mauve to lavender 4"+ flowers that fade to a gorgeous lilac/grey color. Scent varies from light floral to strong sweet fragrance, a bit like grapes. Semi-compact to medium growing plumeria. Reminiscent of Mt. Fuji in the early morning or late afternoon.
Lovely blend of pinks and yellows on a compact tree, and colors get very intense in the heat. Amazing bloomer and light floral scent.
Lovely star-shaped pink blooms with a striking orange and yellow center. Beautiful perfume scent and strong grower. Very compact, dwarf plant.
Heavy bloomer with beautiful, thick, almost burgundy red 3 1/2" flowers with a contrasting creamy white upturned edge. Cooler weather allows bright coppery orange colors to come through. Intense non-fading colors and long flowering period. Mild spicy fragrance gets stronger in the evening. Strong semi-compact to medium grower with thick, shiny oval leaves and good branching.
Gingerbread Man
Long lasting 3" yellow white blooms with an excellent coconut fragrance. Intense heat brings out pink edges and orange streaks. Bright, egg yold yellow center. An extremely vigorous and heavy blooming plumeria. Semi-compact to medium growth habit.
Golden Whisper
Large 3 1/2" golden orange flowers with a striking pink edge and a strong, rich, creamy fruit fragrance. The name says ‘whisper’ but the colors on this flower shout out ‘incredible’. Starts dark pink and orange, and gradually face to gold, yellow and pinkish purple. The coral color is a bit brighter than this photo. Excellent bloomer and semi-compact growth habit. Medium thick petals.
Vivid deep yellow, thick, long lasting 3-4” blooms with pale yellow veins, contrasting white edge and a green center. Blooms reflex heavily, resulting in ball-shaped flowers. Early, reliable and heavy bloomer, with a nice peachy scent. Size, shape and color consistent all year and all temperatures. Dwarf growth habit slowly becomes a large tree over time. Excellent thick, short branches with multiple tips.
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