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The World's Finest Plumerias begins...

Jungle Jack's Plumerias started in 1986 with a small packet of seeds from Hawaii, followed by other collections

from around the world. What began as Jack Ingwersen's personal garden in Thailand has been transformed 

into one of the best plumeria collections in the world, and the source of the finest plumerias anywhere.

Founded in 1995 by John and Christina Ingwersen, Jungle Jack’s originally focused on palm introductions, cycads 

and other exotics on eleven acres in north San Diego County, California. Over time we developed a reputation for 

premium quality plants, backed up with customer service grounded in integrity and personal commitment.

After positive feedback and encouragement from our customers, we began growing and selling Plumeria plants. 

Compared to all the other plants we grow, we have more fun with our plumeria than anything else. It’s a pure

delight to venture out into our greenhouses when the blooms on thousands of plants begin to open.

Unique Plumeria

All of our plumeria originate in our own growing grounds in northern Thailand. Each and every variety is our own hybrid, developed over the last 30 years in total isolation from any of the Hawaiian or Mexican cultivars now on the market. This has given our collection its own distinctive characteristics, namely, more rounded leaves, excellent bloom production on an attractive tree.

Our greatest focus is the development of a complete line of miniature plumeria, which we believe offers incredible potential for both the avid collector and casual enthusiast alike. Our miniature plumerias have an amazing propensity to bloom with full sized flowers.

The Jungle Jack's Difference

It’s no secret there are a lot of places to buy plumeria, and many places to buy Thai plumeria, so what makes Jungle Jack’s Plumerias different?

First and foremost, our plumeria come directly from Jungle Jack’s 100+ acre Thailand gardens. Our unique varieties include Divine, Valkyrie, J105, California Sunset, Gina, Purple Jack, Obsession and 200 more unique varieties. Even more exciting, we have more than 100 varieties in various stages of development for future release, meaning that every year we’ll be offering new varieties that cannot be found anywhere else.

​Quality: We believe our offerings represent the finest plumeria available anywhere, grown in specially designed soil media and delivered with the utmost of care.

Authenticity: All of our cuttings are individually tagged/labeled to ensure that what you order is true to the tag.

Ease: If you have purchased directly from overseas before, you know the hassles involved with import permits, USDA inspection, and the like. Jungle Jack’s Palms, Plumeria & More manages all aspects of plant importation so you don't have to.

Trust: We are an established company with a long list of reputable clients who attest to our ability to deliver what we promise.

The Story: When you purchase from us, you’re not only buying a plumeria, you’re buying a small piece of an amazing story. 

We hope you enjoy this website and our collections, and encourage you to let us know what you think of it, including what we've done well and what we could do better.

P.S. We value your privacy and will never sell any information you provide to us.

Thanks for stopping by…

John and Christina Ingwersen

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