BROWSE: Laredo Princess - Orotai

La Nina
Continuing our decades-long selective breeding program, we happy to announce our newest dwarf-growing plumeria: La Niña. Her intense colors and vivid stripes light up very short branches on a miniature tree. Excellent bloomer with a light, sweet carnation scent.
Laredo Princess
Excellent pink white blooms in huge clusters, and one of our top ten blooming plumerias. Fabulous strong floral fragrance. Medium growth habit.
Decades of selective breeding by Jack Ingwersen has produced many astonishing new seedlings, and this stunning beauty is at the top of his list for brilliant color and excellent growth habit. Large, 3"+ bright orange yellow blooms, accented with a white rolled edge, glow in the sunlight. Highly compact, slow growing tree with nice thick wood. Soft baby powder scent. When the heat is on, the edges turn bright purple and the colors don't fade.
Lemon Ice
Large, broad yellow white flowers and reliable bloomer. Fast growing dwarf plumeria with vigorous and reliable flower production. Looks more yellow in the heat, and a very nice strong floral scent. Medium thick flowers in heavy inflos. Excellent branching.
Lord Byron
Huge white pink blooms, to 5", that look like a giant version of our Taj Mahal. Striking pagoda tips and the hot pink edges grow wider with heat. Medium growth habit with lovely shiny leaves. Very fast grower. Spicy, tangy fragrance.
Like its Tolkien namesake, this plumeria occupies a special place, somewhere between pink and purple. With heat, turns a dusty plum color. Rich, potent buttered fruit fragrance. Fast growing medium sized tree with lovely shiny leaves.
Soft and sweet, this lovely 2-3" pink blossom features a large, spiraling yellow and orange center. Charming deep pink rays spread from the heart, meeting up with the pink cupped rim. Semi-compact tree displays bright green, glossy leaves. Nice floral scent.
Macarena T
Macarena's ivory white flowers display lots of interesting details: dark red orange starburst heart, bright pink edges and a large yellow center for contrast. Medium growth habit.
Flowers open a warm pink with a huge orange center, and then the tips fade to almost an icy white. Highly compact, almost dwarf plumeria with huge leaves. Mild sweet floral scent. The name means 'queen' in Hindi.
This plumeria doesn't just bloom, it explodes with bright pink and gold. In high heat, the brilliant pink covers the entire bloom. Dense inflos, thick petals and a very strong sweet candy scent. Unique, branchy, medium growth habit.
Marco Polo
Stunning 3-4" red, orange, pink and yellow plumeria. Painted appearance to the thick petals. In cool weather, the flowers resemble Jenny, and with a little bit of heat, the orange center pops and gorgeous mottling appears. Wonderful strong floral scent. Prolific, very reliable bloomer. Medium growth habit.
Stunning watercolor appearance to these 4" very thick, pink white blooms. When the heat is on, ruby stripes radiate from a yellow sunburst center. Strong floral fragrance and a tall growth habit.
Vibrant clusters of 4" deliciously scented, spider-shaped pink flowers with a gold and red pinwheel center. Petals develop an attractive ruffled edge. An excellent blooming plumeria with large, vivid clusters. Excellent strong floral fragrance. Nice medium growth habit.
Menagerie V
Sizzling hot 3" bright coral and pink grainy blooms on an upright growing, semi-compact to medium tree. Medium strong clove fragrance.
Messina T1
Beautiful rounded pink blossoms with vivid dark pink veins. As temps rise, the orange heart extends across the petals. Lovely compact growth habit and a heavy bloomer. Sweet perfume scent.
Huge 4-5” brilliantly colored pink coral blooms in massive clusters. Good keeping quality. Strong, sweet, fruity fragrance. Very nice medium habit with thick branches. Fast growing plumeria that blooms heavily over a long bloom season.
Minerva V
Hot, sizzling colors with a strong floral scent on a very compact growing tree. Named after Christie's mother.
Twin of our very popular Divine - the same bright pink yellow white flowers and strong floral scent. A true miniature tree, and even more compact than Divine. Perfect for container growing. Blooms throughout the season.
Mini White
Very delicate white blooms with a soft pink edge, like a painted eggshell. Nice strong floral scent with a touch of caramel, and the same prolific blooming and dwarf growth habit as its sister, Divine.
Great growth habit, even for a dwarf, and forms a ball shaped tree. It's more compact and branchy than our best known miniature, Divine. 2-2 1/2" orange tan blooms with a large amber center, a deep red heart, and a very attractive pink rim. Medium spicy scent.
Our newest dwarf plumeria, her 2 1/2” yellow and white blooms are rimmed with a magenta edge. Each orange heart bursts into a vivid pinkish red star that extends across each petal. In the heat, the edges develop a purple haze. Beautiful details show off the flowers on this miniature growing tree. Medium floral scent.
Mona Lisa
3-4” striking mix of vivid yellow and pink that would be at home in the Louvre. Rounded, thick petals and large clusters. Gets more solid pink with heat, and a dark red starburst appears. Lovely strong, sweet perfume fragrance, especially at night. Slow growing, compact growth habit with slightly wavy, crinkly leaves and beefy branches.
Gorgeous 3"+ pink white plumeria with a fiery red heart in full clusters. Dark red heart spirals out of the yellow center. In heat, the pink veins cover the thick petals, and the center becomes orange. Tall growth, plus strong floral, almost citrus, fragrance.
MoonGlo in SoCal
Big, reflexed, intensely pink coral flowers get purple edges in the heat of summer. Medium growth habit and cold tolerant. Candy scent. The shiny, bright green foliage is unique among our plumerias.
Elegantly shaped, 2 1/2" medium pink blooms with a huge orange yellow center, pointed petals and lovely rolled white edge. Blooms in dense clusters. Medium sweet scent, a bit fruity. Dwarf growth habit, outstanding bloom production and a lovely balanced tree.
Delicate pink yellows blooms from ruby colored buds, and those colors intensify in the heat. Flowers last a long time. Terrific dwarf growth habit and inflos held high above the leaves. Very long, prolific bloom season. Strong sweet fragrance.
Lovely, intense, pure pink blooms in large clusters of 3-4” medium thick flowers. Medium grape candy scent with a touch of cherry. Medium growth habit and an excellent early bloomer.
Intense, very veiny deep rose coloration on large 4-5" flowers in big clusters. Very good bloomer with excellent tree form. Scent is a medium perfume. Medium-tall growth makes a nice canopy tree with thick ribbed leaves.
Truly spectacular plumeria that blooms in a whirlpool of orange, pink and white, accented with burgundy tips. Very attractive foliage is thick and glossy. Semi-compact growth and thick wood, producing very dense clusters. Excellent perfume scent. Medium thick petals. One of Jack's top three varieties.
Not our first red flower but far and away our best. This is truly a work of art, combining amazing color with a strong, semi-compact growth habit, not tall and gangly like other reds. Fantastic deep red or crimson blooms with a nice floral scent.
Orange Jack
Absolutely phenomenal heavily veined coral pink blooms in huge clusters up to 18" across. Heavy blooming and strong growing semi-compact plumeria. Medium sweet scent.
Superb orange, pink and red coloration with excellent vein details. The flower quality alone makes this one of our top plumerias; not something we say lightly. Big leaves, nice thick petals. Slightly ruffled, rounded blossoms, medium pink with some orange in the middle. Large clusters and a sweet frangipani fragrance. Semi-compact growth habit.
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