BROWSE: Pacific Dawn - Royal Silk

Pacific Dawn
Amazing, iridescent 5”+ orange and deep pink rainbow. In heat, the deep red heart extends across the coral colored petals as a starburst. Medium growth habit, with very unusual, thick wood. Great strong perfume fragrance.
Unique 3" pink and white blooms with a large, fiery red starburst center, resembling a cross between our Gina and Christina. Unlike most blooms that get paler and fade with age, her colors become darker and richer. With heat, the lavender edges show. Good substance and a minty scent. Thick, compact and beefy branches on a slow growing but very robust tree with a highly compact growth habit.
Panitta's Red
Large 4”+ deep reddish pink flowers emerge pink early in the season, becoming a brilliant fire engine red in warmer, brighter weather. Gorgeous veined blooms with purple undertones and a wavy edge. Vigorous medium grower and soft floral scent. Named for friends who developed a JJ seedling that we gifted them.
Brilliant, intense 3-4” bright pink, thick blooms on a wonderfully formed tree. Yellow center is well defined and outlined in red. Scent is medium floral and super sweet. Very symmetrical, tall growth habit.
Penang Peach
Parent of California Sunset, with a similar flower but more sprawling growth habit and not as floriferous. . Not a Jungle Jack-bred variety.
Gorgeous pink white plumeria with huge 5"+ medium thick flowers. Yellow hues become a little pinker in the heat of summer. Strong sweet scent. Fast growing, medium sized tree with big corrugated leaves. Very heavy bloomer plus cold tolerant. Named by the beloved plumerian, Bud Guillot.
These heavily mottled, pink white flowers with an orange yellow pinwheel center are an absolute circus of fragrant blooms. We have yet to define a blooming season for this one because it never seems to stop. Semi-compact growth habit, and a beautiful, strong perfume scent.
Pink Jack
Large, intensely colored reddish pink blooms with deep red edges and yellow streaks from the orange center. Becomes almost totally red in peak heat. Heavy bloomer on a miniature tree. Loves the heat and can handle full sun without fading. Great strong floral scent with a touch of cinnamon.
Pink Kiss
With basketball sized clusters, we're surprised this lovely pink plumeria isn't more popular. Petal edges turn lavender in the heat. Fresh floral scent. Medium growth habit.
Pinot Rouge
Fantastic compact growing tree sporting round, intense pink red blooms outlined by a white edge. Very thick petals last a long time. Great vanilla and jasmine scent.
Grainy pink blooms with dark edges, round petals, plus a well-defined yellow center edged in dark pink. In heat, the coloration becomes an intense pink with an orange center. Numerous clusters of floral scented flowers. Excellent bloomer early to mid-season. Semi-compact tree with thin wood, and a fairly strong grower.
Pixie Dust
Abundant, brightly colored pink flowers with a well-defined orange center. Eye-catching white graininess on the petals. A strong blooming medium sized tree, especially when larger. Great cinnamon fragrance.
Jungle Jack is famous for breeding miniature growing plumeria, and we're proud to say Pizzazz, a Divine seedling, is even more dwarf. Her pink white flowers are very similar to Divine in color and scent. Our first super mini has thick, silvery wood, gorgeous dark green, corrugated leaves and very dense growth. Profuse inflos on a late blooming, shrub-like tree.
Plum Crazy
Deep purple red plumeria with excellent details. The strongly colored wine red veins really pop against the white background and deep red heart. Fast growing tall tree with very shiny, large round leaves. Soft floral scent.
Robust, always pretty, long lasting blooms with colors ranging from yellow-white to streaky pink plus a nice bubblegum scent. Very heavy bloomer, medium thick flowers and great compact to medium growth habit with heavy wood. Very pretty, distinctive leaves.
Thick 4" highly variable blooms in shades of red, coral and yellow with purple edges in the heat. Petal shape changes as the flower ages and fades. A heavy bloomer, this semi compact, densely branched tree has lovely light green foliage. Fresh floral to spicy scent. A California Sunset seedling.
Excellent medium pink blooms with strong orange streaks from the center, cupped petals and lovely rolled white edge. Blooms in dense clusters. Compact growth habit adorned with small wonderful wavy, ruffled leaves. Very strong perfume scent.
Purple Haze
These blooms couldn't decide whether between purple or yellow, so they compromised in a unique way. Even the faded blooms are very pretty. Stiff thick petals with purple buds open to a 2 1/2" lavender gold flower. In the heat of the day, the colors become a rich lavender and orange blend. Very strong lily scent. Medium growth habit.
Purple Jack
Deep purple buds become 2.5-3" purple lavender blooms with dark veins and an orange center, and then fades to bluish silver hues. Needs heat to bring out the rich royal purple colors. Once the root system is well established and it starts blooming, it is an eager and reliable bloomer on a tall tree. Sweet grape perfume. The very first, original lavender/purple plumeria on the market.
Queen Amber
Unique 4" mauve apricot colored blooms glow with soft pastels, and yet the colors are completely vivid. Heavy bloomer and spicy coconut peach fragrance. Fast grower into a semi-compact tree. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder but I can't think of a prettier plumeria.
Intense mauve lavender blooms with a large orange center and black heart. Compact growing, nicely shaped tree. Robust grower with scented 2 1/2" flowers.
Brilliant pompoms of softly ruffled petals set this one above other pink plumerias. Colors intensify in the heat, showing a deep orange center and white mid-petal stripe. Nicely floral scent. Medium sized tree.
Razzle Dazzle
Very veiny lavender/purple plumeria that fades to bluish purple. The twisty petals are pretty cool and truly unique. Smells like vanilla. Medium growth habit.
Red Hot
Velvety red, almost inflorescent, 3-4” blooms with a purple sheen. As each brilliant red flower fades in the heat, it produces a nice color contrast. Medium sized tree. Scent is mild fruity pear or citrus.
Red Jack
Wanting a strong blooming but highly compact red plumeria that won't grow out of sight? Nice floral fragrance and good keeping quality. Green shiny leaves, and thick, intensely colored petals. In cooler weather or shade, the white feathered back defines dark pink petal edges.
Reve de Provence
Delicate 2 1/2" purple blooms, with a wonderful perfume scent, don't fade. Tall growth habit. Evokes the lavender fields of this French region.
Translucent 4" pink blooms with very thin pink edge, bright orange center on a miniature-sized, very branchy tree. Deep pink starburst skips across the petals. Strong spicy basil fragrance that smells just like Thai food.
Large clusters of brightly colored, 3-4" lilac pink and white flowers with a brilliant yellow center. In the heat, the red heart spreads deep pink veins across the petals. Beautiful blooms, strong peach to coconut scent, and very good keeping quality. This near-dwarf, slow growing compact tree is one of our best early blooming plumerias. Good brancher, very compact, low spreading and branchy with thick wood.
River White
Beautiful butter yellow blooms open with a swirl of dark pink around the eye. A heavy blooming plumeria, with tight clusters of 3-5” white recurved flowers edged in pink plus a medium floral scent. Growth habit is semi-compact.
Been dying to tag a plumeria with this name, and finally got a big, striking magenta gold rainbow that was showy enough. White feathered back matches the white speckles decorating the petal front. Nice floral scent and medium growth habit.
Rojo Mojo
This intense red plumeria is sure to get your mojo back. One of the larger and better reds in our collection. Deep pink highlights and black streaks make it standout. Nice semi-compact growing tree. Soft floral scent.
Really nice semi-compact plumeria that was overlooked somehow, considering how well it blooms. 2-3” pink white flowers with orange center show beautiful lines running through the petals. Strong floral scent. Medium to heavy bloomer and cold tolerant, very strong grower.
One of our most unusual and unique plumeria, Rosebud forms tightly-curled chalice-shaped bright pink blooms. Small dark green leaves complement the dense inflos on a semi-compact to medium growing tree. We love her strong perfume scent.
Exceptional coloration on highly variable blooms that can be hot pink in shade, bright red and yellow plumeria in cooler weather, or a sizzling red orange when it’s hot. Big clusters, very thick flowers. Compact growth habit. Soft floral scent.
Thick 4-5" flowers with unbelievable colors. Nice touch of pink and yellow looks like a water painting on interesting shaped petals. Unusual candy scent, like Pez. Great bloomer and strong, beefy medium growing tree. Big clusters, medium thick petals.
Royal Silk
Gorgeous lavender blooms with an orange center, purple buds, and very thick petals. Faded flowers, or extreme heat turns the blooms a bluish pink with silver undertones. Soft jasmine scent. An excellent bloomer on a medium sized tree with medium thick branches.
Rubicon NP
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