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Abby's Dream
Interesting 2 ½” intensely pink blooms develop a white tear drop in warmer conditions; a very unique effect. Nice floral scent. Medium growth habit.
Each distinctive, tightly cupped 4-5" flower is strongly striated on an excellently blooming, semi-compact tree. Bloom color varies widely, from bright yellow in cool weather to intense pink to dark reddish orange in high heat. Humidity brings out her gold dusting. The strong veins always appear, and her colors don't fade. Nice medium spicy scent.
A tall-growing, thick wooded yellow plumeria that puts out incredible blooms in basketball-size clusters. Cupped petals, often in shell form, turns salmon color in heat. Strong, very sweet spicy fragrance.
A magic carpet of brilliant orange, purple and yellow accented with well-defined pagoda tips. Semi-compact growth habit with thick wood and lovely round leaves. Intensely colored, lightly veined blooms with a light floral fragrance.
We wish we could make gold, then some of it snuck into these 3-4" lovely flowers. Very unusual gold streaks and flecks on the bright pink, dark veined petals. Strong spicy scent. Semi-compact growth habit.
JJ Allegro
A subtle pink/yellow/white plumeria that grows on you with every opening bloom. One of our more nicely formed varieties; semi-compact growth habit, and grows consistently and evenly. Very sweet jasmine scent. Love the pale ribs on the medium green leaves.
Very unique, big 3-4"+ translucent pink / yellow blooms on a dwarf tree. Strong peachy perfume scent. Great bloomer that keeps getting better. Fabulous bloomer with huge bouquets of large pink-edged flowers on a small plant. Sensational fragrance and magnificent color. Reintroduced by popular demand.
This plumeria blew us away when we saw it. Heavily patterned, striped red and white flowers often spin into pagoda tips. The clusters are large, and in very warm conditions the flowers almost look artificial. Tall, fairly lanky growth habit with long leaves. Light floral scent.
Angel's Touch
Large, softly rounded, ruffle edged, 3 1/2-4" yellow / white blooms on a well-formed, medium-sized tree with huge leaves. Strong early bloomer with excellent floral scent.
Arctic Star
An excellent, very reliable bloomer, her mottled pink / white blooms have a nice floral scent. As temperatures rise, the uniquely coloration changes. Every year its distinctive streaks are slightly different. Semi compact to medium growth. Thick strong grower with a bushy habit, branching out into three tips, which means it won't be a tall leggy plant. One of our more underrated and rarely available plumeria.
Large clusters of 4" pink / yellow blooms, on a slow growing, medium sized tree. Can reach 6" across with vivid, shimmering orange colors and a strong, fruity fragrance. Huge inflos held high above every tip. Very heavy bloomer with thick petals.
Almost a lavender-white, perhaps one of our finest pink-white plumeria and a nice light floral scent. Semi-compact growth habit.
An absolutely gorgeous plumeria, large 4"+ flowers that tend to bloom with 6 petals. Great fragrance. Beautiful foliage with corrugated leaves on a highly compact tree.
Aztec Gold
4"+ yellow bloom with a strong peach scent. Tall, fast growing tree. Not a Jungle Jack-bred variety.
Bali Whirl
The only known 9 petal plumeria, discovered in Indonesia. Lemon fragrance. Medium compact tree. Not a Jungle Jack-bred variety.
Bayeux MR
At Jungle Jack, we evaluate our plumeria for their bloom production, and Bayeux is a star performer! Heavily veined, thick pink and white blooms absolutely cover this semi compact tree. Unusual peppermint scent. Very heavy bloomer.
Vibrant and huge, Bellagio's bright, veiny pink and yellow flowers are a showstopper. Medium growth habit and sweet scent.
Vivid lavender-red 3-4" plumeria with very pronounced veining and mild floral scent. Crazy veining and vivid colors. The veins on somewhat faded blooms look almost black. Semi-compact to medium growth habit, and the underside of the leaves is bronze. One of our more intriguing varieties.
Bird of Paradise
Large creamy white 4" blooms with an orange/red throat. Yellow streaks in the center are red/orange with heat for a very nice contrast. Becomes mauve pink, deep cream, with a deep orange throat in high heat. Very beautiful plumeria with a lovely strong fragrance. Thick blooms last a long time. Great bloomer, easy to grow with good branching. Thick branches and semi compact growth. Beautiful dark green, glossy leaves with the deep red veins and leaf edges.
With heat, the blooms can kaleidoscope, like a mottled rainbow. Under cooler conditions, she blooms as a thick-petaled pink and white flower. Round leaves are really pretty and shiny. Early and productive bloomer. Semi-compact growth produces very short branches, creating a really nice tree. Nice citrus scent.
White flowering plumeria are a favorite of professional landscapers, especially when they're a prolific bloomer like Blizzard. Vigorous, semi-compact growth habit and strong floral scent.
Bolero T
Spectacular, vibrant pink / yellow blooms with a fiery red starburst heart when the heat is on. When we first saw this semi-compact tree flowering, we shouted "now that's a 10", so the iconic song from the movie "10" became its new name. Nice floral scent on 4"+ flowers.
Outstanding 1 1/2" circular pink blossoms with a vivid orange center on a miniature, very branchy tree. Excellent bloomer. Enjoy her strong floral scent, reminiscent of the tropics, from dense inflos.
Brilliant, 4"+ hot pink plumeria with yellow center and center red stripe. Keeping quality is excellent. Nonstop bloomer and mild scent. Changes from dark salmon pink to striking pink magenta with hot temperatures. Medium growth habit.
Fantastic perfume scent, and profuse bloomer. Semi compact growth habit. Expect this pink / white bloom to become a popular plumeria.
An interesting yellow plumeria, with an eye-catching orange throat when it's hot. Edges get a pretty twist and have red tips. Blooms every year on a compact tree. Mild, sweet floral scent.
Vivid red-burgundy and yellow plumeria on a compact plant. Excellent strong spicy sweet fragrance. With sunlight, gets much redder than this greenhouse photo. Maybe our best compact variety, at least in terms of its propensity to bloom like the party will never end. In higher light/heat the 3-5" flowers become a beautiful red rainbow. Huge thick petals and beautiful foliage.
Caliente V 2
Hot summer, hot colors! Very saturated red, almost purple, iridescent hues on this 4" beauty. Semi compact to medium growth and soft floral scent.
California Sunset
Vibrant sunset colors on thick petals, with huge clusters of 2-4” blooms with an excellent keeping quality. In the early spring the flowers start out yellow, and as the summer heats up the blooms turn shades of dark orange and red. Semi-compact growth habit, fast growing and an incredibly long bloom season. Strong ripe peach fragrance. This Penang Peach seedling is one of our best plumeria, and very easy to grow.
Dazzling hot pink and yellow colors on these 3-4" blooms, accented with speckles. Semi compact to medium grower with an upright, symmetrical growth habit. Floral, somewhat like a rose, fragrance. One of Jack's top 3 favorites.
Slow growing, very branchy miniature tree, with delicate, highly changeable 2-3" flowers. Spicy scent. Long lasting thick blooms that vary from yellow to orange to red with pagoda tips. Faithful bloomer that creates dense inflos on short tips.
Cardinal T2
Robust, semi-compact tree and a good bloomer to top it off. Nice clusters of dark red 2"+ flowers with a floral scent. Sets a new standard for red plumerias.
We love the pointed tips and strong dark veins of this stunning pink plumeria. Good texture and a floral fragrance. Semi-compact to medium growth habit.
Gorgeous grainy pink flowers with a lovely lemon, somewhat spicy, scent and some of the thickest petals we've ever seen. Slow growing, heavy-wooded plumeria. Color varies with temperatures, from yellow to coral to deep pink.
Cathay Pearl
Large 4"+ brilliant white plumeria with a striking, well defined orange heart. Medium growth habit. Strong sweet fragrance.
Ceylon Beauty
Blended 3.5" orange peach and pink plumeria with little white splashes, and can get burnt orange color. Wide, lightly overlapping petals. Strong scent of spicy tropical fruit. Similar to our Firestorm, but a more delicate and slow-growing semi-compact tree.
Her broad, round delicate pink petals have a huge yellow center. Incredibly shiny dark green leaves, and a very unique floral fragrance. Fast growing compact tree.
Large clusters of bright, white flowers with hints of yellow and pink. Blooms early and continues through the growing season. Called 'the good white' because it blooms so well with a wonderful, strong perfume scent. Semi-compact to medium growth habit.
Cherokee Geisha
Beautiful 3-4" lavender rainbow with a strong, mysterious perfume scent. Purple buds explode into large clusters of deep pink, lavender and soft yellow blooms with purple edges and lots of veins. Absolutely gorgeous. Semi-compact tree with beefy branches. The inspiration for the name shall remain a secret.
Chiang Mai Girl
Deep pink to maroon-pink buds develop into 3-3.5" star-shaped flowers of white and yellow with shades of pink and red-orange throat. Slightly overlapping with up to 6 petals per flower. Strong fresh spicy lemon fragrance. Very slow growing, medium sized tree.
Large, vivid 3-4" hot pink blooms with lots of streaking and a yellow and pink pinwheel center. Turns ruby red with heat. A robust, very strong grower and heavy bloomer with a wonderful strong floral scent. Very nice thick, semi compact growth habit with good branching. Very cold tolerant plumeria.
Clair de Lune V
Her outstanding, powerful lemon scent will stop you in your tracks. 3 1/2 - 4" spidery yellow / white blooms on a tall tree.
Coco T
Plenty of veins and a center stripe on this lovely pink bloom. Heavy wood on a semi-compact tree.
Lavender buds become large 2 1/2 - 3" dusty purple blooms with burnt orange center and lovely veins. Scent is buttery. Pretty silver bark on a medium growing tree.
Mottled 2" bright pinkish-red blooms in good sized clusters. Small-wooded, compact tree and a reliable bloomer. Scent is mild floral.
Very special, huge 5"+ yellow white blooms with an excellent pink edge. Strong floral fragrance on a medium growing tree.
Cote d'Or
Spectacular large 3 1/2" yellow blooms that develop striking red veins and pink highlights in warm temperatures. Really nice spicy sweet scent with a hint of citrus. Multi branched, slow growing, medium sized tree. Special…
Named because this plumeria blooms like crazy. Wonderful yellow and red pinwheel center. With heat the pink-edged petals twist everywhere and in cooler weather the petals are wide. Terrific strong floral scent from big inflos on a medium sized tree.
Brilliant pink / orange / yellow flowers are highlighted by hot pink feathered edges. Individual blooms look different due to temperature variations, as if several varieties were grafted onto the plant. Heavy bloomer and brancher, and a strong sweet scent like a mix of Penang Peach and Desert Sunrise. This 2nd generation California Sunset seedling has the most dense, semi-compact growth habit of any of our plumerias.
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