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Plant Sizes vs. Pot Sizes

We published our 2017 Price List with one subtle change: prices are based on average plant size instead of pot size. In reality, the two are equivalent and only the terminology has changed. Let's take a look!

First, a bit of background. We use several different standard nursery pots: most are round, but some are square, most are black, but some are orange, blue or green. These pots get their names from either their volume (e.g. one gallon / 1G) or the size of the top opening (e.g, 8" slit pots). Since our old price list was based on pot sizes, a common question was "what size is this?".

This year we decided to change our price list and use terminology that our customers can relate to: Small, Medium, Large and X-Large plants. Now a small plumeria is sold in a 'small' pot, a large plumeria is sold in a 'large' pot. Simple!

The Small size is our familiar one gallon black pot - most of our cuttings start in this size.

The next bigger size pot, Medium, covers 3 different styles - two gallon (2G) black pots, 8" colored slit pots, and the square pots for our collector varieties.

Our Large size is the 5 gallon (5G) black pot.

X-Large pots are 7 gallon (7G) black pots (not pictured), and we do carry much larger landscape specimens in Vista (local pickup only).

Remember, plumeria are TREES, and will grow much larger! If you want a patio plant, look at our excellent selection of dwarf growing plumeria. Happy growing!

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