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JJ Hang Tags: an Easy Guide to the Tag Colors

Since our selection of JJ plumeria has grown to over 200 varieties, we expanded our types of hang tags. Now you can quickly spot your perfect new plumeria!

Gold: Jungle Jack's Collection

The Collection gold tag is our higher-end varieties, e.g. Gina, Xquisite. They have more restricted availability, as we don’t propagate as many cuttings every year.

Lime Green: Jungle Jack's Premium Compact

With the soaring popularity of plumeria with a compact growth habit, you can now quickly find them by their lime green tags.

Blue: Jungle Jack's Miniatures

The Miniature blue tag is exclusively for our miniature varieties. We wanted to visually

set our dwarf varieties apart, and the different color tag will help you find them.

Silver: Jungle Jack's Finest

Our very best, and rarest, varieties earn a silver tag.

Purple hand-written: rare or newest Jungle Jacks varieties

On occasion you may see a blank purple tag with the variety name written on

it. These are used for those JJ varieties with the most restricted availability, so you

won’t generally see these at retail stores (it can happen, but not too often).

Green: Jungle Jack's Premium

The Premium green tag is for JJ varieties that have been on the market for a while and

are featured in our plumeria catalog, e.g. California Sunset or Supernova. We typically

release a lot of these varieties to the retail market.

Green: Jungle Jack's Select

The Select green tag covers a wide range of JJ varieties.

  • Some are plants we are testing on the market, and later earn names due to their popularity, e.g. Pink Jack was first released as a Premium Pink.

  • Others are older but still great varieties that are not in the current catalog (we can only print so many pages!).

  • Even though we print 10s of thousands of tags every year, sometimes we run out of a particular variety’s tag – rather than sell an unmarked plant, we hang an appropriate green tag so you at least know the color.

  • Others are from trees we like, but haven’t decided to name yet. Don’t worry though, it's not an inferior plant. Trees that produce ordinary blooms (by our high standards, at least) or have an awkward growth habit are chopped down and replaced with a nicer one.

You’ll notice that some of our green Select tags refer to a ‘Premium’ colored plumeria, such as ‘Premium White’ or ‘Premium Yellow’. Because this category covers many different types of blooms, the tag photo is a sample, and may not match your flowers.

Orange: Evergreen

All of the JJ-bred varieties are P. rubra, but in the Thai groves we have a few P. obtusa evergreen trees. We offer them with the orange hang tags.

Pink: Traditional

When we first started growing plumeria in the 1990s, we planted a Penang Peach, Bali Whirl and Aztec Gold. Even though we take pride in offering unique JJ-bred plumeria grown from seed, we occasionally offer these three traditional varieties rather than chop the trees down.

Purple ?: Mystery

Sometimes a cuttings gets misplaced before we attach a hang tag, or the tag is lost. Rather than taking a guess, we use these purple '?' tags for trees we can't positively identify.

We hope this blog helps you find your favorite Jungle Jack Plumeria for your garden. Enjoy!

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