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Welcome to Jungle Jack’s Plumeria Blogs

​Even though we’re not even four months into 2013, it’s been a very eventful year for Jungle Jack’s. We've more than

doubled our production capability with the addition of a 3600 square foot greenhouse dedicated completely to plumeria production, with over 2700 square feet of bottom-heated benches. Throw in two trips to Thailand for cutting production, along with the finalization of both our new website and the second edition of our catalog, and you can pretty much imagine how busy we've been. The good news is that all is going well, and this years’ plumeria crop is shaping up to be one of our best ever.

For those of you who have ordered our catalog, thanks very much for your patience. It will be rewarded. I accept complete responsibility for the delay, but in some ways it actually has made the catalog better. During my trips in January and March I was able to get better photographs of several varieties, as well as identifying around six new cultivars, all of which made their way into the catalog. I can tell you that we just submitted it to the printer for production, meaning we’re about 3 weeks away from having the catalog in hand. Finally…

Whew… can only say I’m glad I don’t have to build a new greenhouse and put out a new catalog every year…way more excitement than I need. It’s going to be nice to get back to growing plants again (and keeping the weeds under control). We've set the date for our annual open house for July 13, which is a Saturday, from 9am to 3pm. It’s actually kind of a misnomer to call it an open house, since we’re pretty much around and open six days a week already, but I’ve never really figured out what else to call it, so open house it is. Regardless of the name, it’s a great way for plumeria enthusiasts to get out, meet some like-minded folks, and wander around the midst of four to five thousand plumerias. As a teaser, I can also say we’re going to have a great selection of plants in one and two gal sizes, including nearly all our new varieties. (I’ll use another blog occasion to go into more detail on our new intros – two hints here…Serenade and Xquisite…wow).

Finally, in each blog I’m going to include a couple photos to give you a better flavor for Jungle Jack’s Plumerias. These aren't the catalog kind, but I think they’re interesting… With that, I bid adieu until the next time.

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