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The wait is over!!! PreOrder, Cuttings, plus 2021 Events, including our first Texas Open House

We're pleased that PreOrders for our 2021 plumeria crop is open, as well as a brief cutting sale. The pandemic's effect on shipping was profound, making for a late season and sleepless nights for us. Now that 60k cuttings arrived safely, we're raring to go!

Our 2021 event schedule

  • Open House at our greenhouse in south Texas on July 3rd.

  • Our annual Open House event at our Vista location over the weekend of July 23-24.

  • Plumeria Day event at the Los Angeles County Arboretum on July 17 (watch for updates due to pandemic restrictions)

  • San Antonio in August at the TNLA Expo on Aug 5-7

We look forward to welcoming you, wherever that might be.

Plumeria PreOrder for 2021 has begun!

Many JJ varieties, even though we have the mother tree, are limited - sometimes only 2-3 plants are available all year. It’s not just our rare varieties that are scarce – cutting harvests fluctuate year by year and tree by tree, some years we have lots of cuttings, and other years we have very few. Over the years, we’ve gotten lots of customer requests to reserve plumeria plants for the upcoming season.

It's easy! Here's how PreOrder works.

  • Select your favorite varieties from the PreOrder page in our online store

  • Add your new plants to your Cart. Most varieties are offered in the Small PreOrder size – it will be rooted in the one gallon size pot. Branchy varieties are offered as Medium PreOrder - even the smallest plant is too big for the one gallon pot, so it’s rooted in an 8” wide pot. Several varieties are offered in both Small PreOrder and Medium PreOrder sizes.

  • Next, checkout using the Cart. Select the appropriate shipping or Pickup in Vista.

  • We’ll flag each plant with your name in our production greenhouses. Orders are prioritized in the order paid – first come, first served.

  • When your new plumeria is shippable (starting July is our best guess) you’ll get a FedEx Ground shipping notification when your plants are on their way to their new home. If you want to pick up your plants in our Vista retail location, just let us know.

  • Don’t miss out, PreOrder by June 6th.

Cutting Sale: Order by June 6th

For a short time every season, we offer JJ varieties as cuttings. Once the sale is over, these same cuttings are then rooted for purchase later in the season. You can see the cutting selection here

This year, we added a few discounted variety packs as well. If you want to see what's in them, go to and then order from online store

Texas Open House July 3rd 7:30 am to 4:30 pm

We heard you! For the very first time, we're opening our production greenhouse in south Texas for a one day Open House. This location is NOT normally available for retail sales.

  • Location: ​3883 S Hwy 83, Ramireño, TX 78067 near Zapata. It's 45 minutes south of Laredo, Texas on Highway 83, 2 hrs 40 minutes from Corpus Christi, 5.5 hours from Houston and 3 hours from San Antonio.

Hotel: If you want to stay overnight, we've negotiated a Jungle Jack's rate at a nearby hotel.

  • Holiday Inn Express and Suites; mention Jungle Jack's for the rate

  • $104 plus tax for single king bed; $114 plus tax for double occupancy two queen beds

  • 10 miles from event on Highway 83

  • Free WiFi and free hot breakfast

  • Check in July 2 at 3pm; Check out noon.

Look at me, I'm Chianti!

Our first 2021 introduction. First seen blooming during our Thai grove tour, this variety sat on a back burner until one of our customers showed us the bloom. Then it was like ‘WOW!!!’, instant transition from back-burner to headliner. Semi-compact growth habit, flowers in the 3-4” range.

Limited quantities will be available at the Texas Open House.

Thanks for all your support!

John & Christie


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