BROWSE: Easy to Grow

If you are a beginning plumeria grower, or you live in a cool or short season climate, these plumeria are easy to grow and bloom early and strong. We'll add more varieties to this gallery over time!

Angels Touch
Large, softly rounded, ruffle edged, 3 1/2-4" yellow / white blooms on a well-formed, medium-sized tree with huge leaves. Strong early bloomer with excellent floral scent.
Bird of Paradise T
Large creamy white 4" blooms with an orange/red throat. Yellow streaks in the center are red/orange with heat for a very nice contrast. Becomes mauve pink, deep cream, with a deep orange throat in high heat. Very beautiful plumeria with a lovely strong fragrance. Thick blooms last a long time. Great bloomer, easy to grow with good branching. Thick branches and semi copact growth. Beautiful dark green, glossy leaves with the deep red veins and leaf edges.
California Sunset
Vibrant sunset colors on thick petals, with huge clusters of 2-4” blooms with an excellent keeping quality. In the early spring the flowers start out yellow, and as the summer heats up the blooms turn shades of dark orange and red. Semi-compact growth habit, fast growing and an incredibly long bloom season. Strong ripe peach fragrance. This Penang Peach seedling is one of our best plumeria, and very easy to grow.
Large clusters of bright, white flowers with hints of yellow and pink. Blooms early and continues through the growing season. Called 'the good white' because it blooms so well with a wonderful, strong perfume scent. Semi-compact to medium growth habit.
Fantastic pink white flowers with a wonderfully strong perfume scent. pink veins, Yellow-peachy color toward center. The hotter the temps, the more intense the pink colors. Blooms in multiple flushes over a very long bloom season. Very dense growth with branches growing shorter as the tree ages. The leaves are thick and shiny. Reliable, prolific, heavy bloomer that's cold tolerant. Our first dwarf plumeria and probably our finest.
A strong semi-compact plumeria that we originally called 'painted pink' because the swirl looks painted on. 3-4” thick blooms on good clusters. Petals become more pink and the center more orange as the temperature rises. Retains strong pink color after picking. Soft sweet spicy scent and a fantastic, reliable bloomer. Beautiful, thick, emerald green broad leaves on thick branches.
Amazingly prolific, early blooming plumeria. Nearly every tip lights up with brilliant 4-5”+ twisty pink blooms with hot pink edges. Strong floral fragrance. Medium growth habit.
Fool's Gold
Soft yellow, very large 4" blooms with a bright yellow center and pink red bands. Heat brings out orange edges. Large, brightly colored clusters held high above a medium tree with heavy branching. Consistent early blooming plumeria with wonderful strong perfumed flowers.
Vivid deep yellow, thick, long lasting 3-4” blooms with pale yellow veins, contrasting white edge and a green center. Blooms reflex heavily, resulting in ball-shaped flowers. Early, reliable and heavy bloomer, with a nice peachy scent. Size, shape and color consistent all year and all temperatures. Dwarf growth habit slowly becomes a large tree over time. Excellent thick, short branches with multiple tips.
Jenny T
Any plumeria that produces huge, basketball-sized clusters is special. Beautiful 4" pink yellow blooms have a large bright yellow center with a deep red starburst. As the heat climbs, the bright pink edge gets larger and larger until it covers the entire flower, creating a white feather effect. Reliable, prolific clusters over a long bloom season. Very good keeping quality and nice floral scent. Fast growing, medium-sized tree is easy to grow and branches well.
Bright pink red 3-4" blooms with leaves that are almost completely resistant to rust. If you live in a tropical/humid climate you'll be celebrating this jubilee. Great bloomer with big clusters over a very long season. Medium growing tree and strong spicy sweet fragrance. Good keeping quality.
Ken's White
Perhaps our best blooming white plumeria, with a vigorous medium growth habit. Nice strong floral scent. Blooms constantly and grows quickly once established in the ground. Gorgeous glossy bright green leaves. One of our loyal customers fell in love with this then-unnamed tree.
Lemon Ice
Large, broad yellow white flowers and reliable bloomer. Fast growing dwarf plumeria with vigorous and reliable flower production. Looks more yellow in the heat, and a very nice strong floral scent. Medium thick flowers in heavy inflos. Excellent branching.
Very delicate white blooms with a soft pink edge, like a painted eggshell. Nice strong floral scent with a touch of caramel, and the same prolific blooming and dwarf growth habit as its sister, Divine.
Red Jack
Wanting a strong blooming but highly compact red plumeria that won't grow out of sight? Nice floral fragrance and good keeping quality. Green shiny leaves, and thick, intensely colored petals. In cooler weather or shade, the white feathered back defines dark pink petal edges.
Rhapsody T1
Translucent 4" pink blooms with very thin pink edge, bright orange center on a miniature-sized, very branchy tree. Deep pink starburst skips across the petals. Strong spicy basil fragrance that smells just like Thai food.
Super Round
Huge, full clusters of beautiful, very round pink and orange 3" flowers with gorgeous, thick, overlapping petals. With heat, the blossoms turn a beautiful dark pink to deep red with graining through the petals. Never stops blooming – clusters can start blooming again in the spring. A very strong grower. Stays semi-compact with short branches. Soft spicy scent.
Fantastic striations streak across 3 1/2 - 4", highly variable, red, gold, orange, pink, and light yellow blooms. With heat, the orange and purple hues bleed through the thick petals. Large bouquets with a lovely strong sweet fragrance. Superbly shaped, fast growing, compact tree with thick branches. Bloom production is fairly heavy.
Thai Splash
Incredible 3-4” propeller-shaped blooms in large clusters above dense, dark-green leaves on a medium growing tree. The red, yellow and white speckles highlight the bright rainbow background. Purple edges with heat, and the entire flower can turn orange red. Easy to grow. Medium spicy scent. Heavy reliable bloomer over a long season.
Incredible early bloomer in a vivid array of pink, white and yellow, almost kaleidoscopic in fashion. Very heavy bloomer that sends the clusters well above the leaves on tall stalks. Nice spicy sweet scent. Dwarf tree with long leaf stems.
Definitely a distinctive purple plumeria, and by far our best. Super thick 3-4” blooms on medium growing, thick wooded tree. Her coloration goes from mauve to greys, from smoky lavenders to deep rich purple and gold hues, all accented with an orange yellow center. In high heat her edges turn dark purple and the color depth increases to a deep eggplant hue, often outlined in white. Her fragrance is strong and sweet with a touch of spice. Attractive deep purple buds. Strong bloom production.
The way Venice blooms will grab your attention. Love the red yellow swirly eye, and the 3" pink white blooms are really round. Early blooming plumeria. Nice floral scent. Medium growth habit.
Xquisite Vista
Fabulous vivid colors from start to finish, sporting bright clear pink with yellow peachy in the center as the heat turns on. Nice rounded, overlapping, thick petals. Excellent keeping quality and the blooms don't fade. Strong rose fragrance, then a spicy candy smell. Upright, medium growth habit. Our best, brightest rainbow plumeria and a strong early bloomer.
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