Palms, Plumeria & More

The fragrance of brightly colored Plumeria blooms evokes memories of tropical vacations and 

warm summer days in the garden. The colors of Plumeria (or Frangipani, as they are also known)

range from vibrant rainbows to brilliant white, and each bloom emits a lovely fragrance. Renowned for their beauty,

you can weave blooms into leis or gently float them in a bowl of water. Now you can grow your own exotic plumerias in a home garden or on your patio. We're proud to offer many amazing, unique hybrids grown from our own seeds in Thailand.

John and Christie Ingwersen, Jungle Jack’s, Vista, CA

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Annual JJ Open House

July 23, 24, 25 in Vista CA

Friday 1p-4p, Sat 9a-4p, Sun 9a-3p

Special & Intros 

SPECIALS - Open House Attendees Only

Small is 1 gallon pot, Medium is 8" slit pot, Large is 5 gallon pot

  • CS3: Medium regularly $60 now $35

  • Divine: 4" pot $10

  • Epic: Small regularly $95 now $45

  • Epic: Medium regularly $105 now $55

  • Fuji Mist: Small regularly $50 now $35

  • Golden Whisper: Small regularly $115 now $55

  • Golden Whisper: Medium regularly $125 now $75 

  • Jubilee: 4" pot $10

  • Jubilee: Small regularly $18 now $12

  • Lord Byron: Small regularly $80 now $50

  • Mini White: 4" pot $10

  • Mystique: Small regularly $50 now $35

  • Opus: Small regularly $75 now $45

  • Opus: Medium regularly $85 now $55

  • Pizzazz: 4" pot $10

  • Star White: Small regularly $18 now $12

  • Synchronicity: Small regularly $35 now $20

  • Valentine: 4" pot $10



  • Cyclone: Medium $85

  • Lush: Medium $45

  • Pale Rider: Medium $45

  • Sultan: Small $75, Large $135

Silent Auction

  • Unnamed Lavender, 1 Small plant auctioned each day


Printed Price Lists will be available at the event.

Sorry, no mail order or pre-sales for Special prices. Limited to quantity on hand.

Cyclone C 2
Silent Raffle lavender
Silent Raffle lavender
Silent Raffle lavender
Sultan Jenn 5
Sultan Jenn 6
Sultan Jenn 2
Sultan Jenn 9
Lush Christie 1
Lush Blush Christie 2
Lush Blush Christie
Pale Rider T
Divine in Texas
Epic Chen 12
Epic Chen 4
Fuji Mist 2
Fuji Mist V
Golden Whisper
Golden Whisper OH 2019
Jubilee V
Jubilee gh 1 z
Mini White in pot
Mystique tree
Opus 2
Pizzazz Christie
Pizzazz tree
Star White
Valentine T

San Antonio Fans!

CLOSED - Thanks!

Inventory is open! Act now to order your new JJ plants and pick them up locally. No need to pay for admission to the Expo.

Place your orders NOW for pickup near the Nursery Expo. Orders for San Antonio close at the end of Monday, July 26th so we can pack the truck. Small (1 gallon) and Medium (8" slit pot) only.

After we receive your order, we'll email instructions on how, where and when to pick up your new JJ plumeria plants.

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