BROWSE: Pagoda Tips

Some plumeria create blooms with petals that like to twist at the end, making a pagoda tip. Here's a few that we've seen make these interesting flowers.

A magic carpet of brilliant orange, purple and yellow accented with well-defined pagoda tips. Semi-compact growth habit with thick wood and lovely round leaves. Intensely colored, lightly veined blooms with a light floral fragrance.
This plumeria blew us away when we saw it. Heavily patterned, striped red and white flowers often spin into pagoda tips. The clusters are large, and in very warm conditions the flowers almost look artificial. Tall, fairly lanky growth habit with long leaves. Light floral scent.
Slow growing, very branchy miniature tree, with delicate, highly changeable 2-3" flowers. Spicy scent. Long lasting thick blooms that vary from yellow to orange to red with pagoda tips. Faithful bloomer that creates dense inflos on short tips.
Dragon Tears
Unique yellow white plumeria with large 3-4” flowers in a distinct twist with red pagoda tips. Brilliant red orange streaks in warmer weather. Great fragrance, similar to tuberose. In very hot climates, grows best in semi shade. Medium to tall growth habit.
This might be one of those plumerias that one had to see in person in order to fully appreciate, but take our word for it, this one is special. Large 4” flowers that open with one distinct coloration and then fade to another, totally different coloration without losing any of its impact. Stunning 4"+ heavily veined flowers with thick ruffled petals and colors that range from yellow to pink to ruby to purple. Soft cinnamon scent. Medium sized tree gets covered in inflos all season.
Heavy bloomer with beautiful, thick, almost burgundy red 3 1/2" flowers with a contrasting creamy white upturned edge. Cooler weather allows bright coppery orange colors to come through. Intense non-fading colors and long flowering period. Mild spicy fragrance gets stronger in the evening. Strong semi-compact to medium grower with thick, shiny oval leaves and good branching.
Stunning yellow blooms show off vibrant red tips and are nicely scented. Heavily blooming, strong yet compact grower. Thick flowers that change daily in shape and appearance, depending on the weather. When it's hot, the entire bloom is orange. One of our signature pagoda-shaped plumeria, distinguished by its naturally wavy, almost crinkled foliage. Big thick leaves. A strong yet semi-compact grower and very heavy bloomer. Light vanilla fragrance.
Lord Byron
Huge white pink blooms, to 5", that look like a giant version of our Taj Mahal. Striking pagoda tips and the hot pink edges grow wider with heat. Medium growth habit with lovely shiny leaves. Very fast grower. Spicy, tangy fragrance.
Pink Jack
Large, intensely colored reddish pink blooms with deep red edges and yellow streaks from the orange center. Becomes almost totally red in peak heat. Heavy bloomer on a miniature tree. Loves the heat and can handle full sun without fading. Great strong floral scent with a touch of cinnamon.
Plum Crazy
Deep purple red plumeria with excellent details. The strongly colored wine red veins really pop against the white background and deep red heart. Fast growing tall tree with very shiny, large round leaves. Soft floral scent.
Large clusters of brightly colored, 3-4" lilac pink and white flowers with a brilliant yellow center. In the heat, the red heart spreads deep pink veins across the petals. Beautiful blooms, strong peach to coconut scent, and very good keeping quality. This near-dwarf, slow growing compact tree is one of our best early blooming plumerias. Good brancher, very compact, low spreading and branchy with thick wood.
Exceptional coloration on highly variable blooms that can be hot pink in shade, bright red and yellow plumeria in cooler weather, or a sizzling red orange when it’s hot. Big clusters, very thick flowers. Compact growth habit. Soft floral scent.
Taj Mahal
Unusual colors highlight these stunning 2 1/2 - 3” white yellow, pagoda-shaped blooms that emerge from red buds. Petals show bright red on the pointed tips and petal rims, an orange tinged yellow center, and upward curling edges. Fresh lemony, salty scent. Great bloomer on short tips with a nice medium growth habit. Can bloom in partial shade. If you see buds dropping, move it around your garden until you find that perfect spot.
Fantastic striations streak across 3 1/2 - 4", highly variable, red, gold, orange, pink, and light yellow blooms. With heat, the orange and purple hues bleed through the thick petals. Large bouquets with a lovely strong sweet fragrance. Superbly shaped, fast growing, compact tree with thick branches. Bloom production is fairly heavy.
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