Plumeria PreOrder Now Available

Plumeria PreOrder for 2020 has begun!

Many JJ varieties, even though we have the mother tree, are limited - sometimes only 2-3 plants are available all year. It’s not just our rare varieties that are scarce  – since cutting harvests fluctuate year by year and tree by tree, some years we have lots of cuttings, and other years we have very few.

Ready for your next favorite plumeria?

Over the years, we’ve gotten lots of customer requests to reserve plumeria plants for the upcoming season.

Collectors – are you looking for the very best from Jungle Jack? Short season growers – do you want to establish new plants as early as possible?

Added bonus: 2019 prices are in effect for PreOrder!

It's easy! Here's how PreOrder works.

Select your favorite varieties by name, growth habit, scent, climate, etc. BROWSE gives you a quick overview, or you can use our thematic SHOP galleries to narrow your search. Remember, the SHOP pages have more photos, including shots of mature trees.

In a SHOP page, select PreOrder from the drop-down menu and add it to your Cart. Most varieties are offered in the Small PreOrder size – it will be rooted in the one gallon size pot. Branchy varieties are offered as Medium PreOrder - even the smallest plant is too big for the one gallon pot, so it’s rooted in an 8” wide pot. Several varieties are offered in both Small PreOrder and Medium PreOrder sizes.

Next, checkout using the Cart. You’ll notice that you don’t have the option to pay via the online store. Because we consolidate shipping and handling as much as possible, invoicing is done manually. Via email, we'll send you an invoice for the total amount. Every JJ variety is available for PreOrder so S&H can be combined.  

Once your invoice is paid, we’ll flag each plant with your name and root them in our production greenhouses. Orders are prioritized in the order paid – first come, first served. PreOrder invoices must be paid by March 1st to hold your plants.

When your new plumeria is shippable, usually late spring or early summer, you’ll get a FedEx Ground shipping notification when your plants are on their way to their new home. If you want to pick up your plants in our Vista retail location, just let us know.

What if I requested 'Notify when Available' last year?

Last year, many JJ varieties were sold out completely, so we added ‘Notification’ to our store. If you expressed interest in a particular variety, you'll receive a PreOrder invoice. All ‘Notify’ requests are given first priority!

Don’t miss out, PreOrder by March 1st

In the case of our very limited or high demand varieties, e.g. Heatwave and Opus, PreOrder may be your best and only chance at getting your hands on one this season. By reserving these rare or unusual plumeria, you can add the best that Jungle Jack's has to offer to your collection.

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