JJ 2020: Updates plus June Cutting Sale

To our fans, friends, collectors, supporters….

To say the least, 2020 has been a year that most of us would like to forget. We’ve all learned a lot of new things that we wish we hadn’t…social distancing, the joys of having to wear an N-95 mask, etc.

As many of you have noticed, it has been an unusually quiet spring here at Jungle Jack's. COVID 19 has affected us, not in terms of health (fortunately), but in terms of business logistics. We were severely impacted by cutbacks to air service between Thailand and the US due to COVID-related restrictions and bottlenecks. As a result, our production has been delayed by 6-10 weeks, which is why you have not been seeing our plumeria widely distributed to stores and private nurseries.

However, we do have good news! We were able to import the vast majority of our usual production supply, and there will be some shipments to our big box customers in approximately 3 weeks, with larger shipments coming later in the season. Side note – we will have some Boutique. Just need to see how the rooting goes…

Boxed and ready for shipment
PreOrder plants are shipping

PreOrder Customers

We've already begun shipping PreOrder plants, so watch for a FedEx email. The vast majority of the PreOrder plants are well into the rooting process and will follow in the next 2-3 weeks. Please be patient; we want to send the most established plant possible.

Give your new plant time to acclimate out of direct sun. Do not repot immediately - early season roots are fragile. Plunge your new plant, pot and all, in the ground or potting soil: when roots are growing out of the drain holes, it's safe to transfer it to a larger pot or the ground.

Cutting Sale: June only

On the bright side, we launched an online cutting sale, with over 60 of our most popular varieties.

Due to our already heavy seasonal workload, our cuttings are not in stock in Vista. Please order via our online store. If you live locally, you can arrange to pick them up at our 1145 Gopher Canyon Road location - just add a Note during online checkout.

Our normal Schedule of Events has changed

  • First, we're closed to retail sales on Mondays. Our current hours are here.

  • Our annual Open House will take place in September instead of June. Since this popular event will obviously be impacted by social distancing guidelines, the exact timing and details will be forthcoming.

Blooming on every tip!
Serenade at the LA Arboretum
  • Plumeria Day at the LA County Arboretum is postponed; we have no further information regarding that event.

However, since the Arboretum grounds are open to visitors: you can enjoy many of JJ trees in full bloom in their plumeria grove on Tallac Knoll.

  • Similarly, the TNLA Expo for 2020 in San Antonio has been cancelled, we will hopefully return in 2021.

Jungle Jack's Catalog

One last note: due to the issues and higher costs incurred because of COVID, our new catalog edition has been indefinitely postponed. At this point, we hope to finish it during the next off-season.

Be safe and Enjoy your garden

I hope this update finds you in good health, and answers your questions about what’s happening with Jungle Jack’s this year. We are open daily, have many large and extra large plants in bloom, and encourage everyone to stop by and check them out.

Thanks again to all of you for your continued support and enthusiasm for what we do!


John Ingwersen

Jungle Jack’s Palms, Plumeria & More

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