Incredible Seeds make Incredible New Blooms

Master breeder Jack Ingwersen has been creating new plumeria varieties for over three decades, using his best seeds grown in Jungle Jack's isolated groves in Northern Thailand.

Every season, our new seedlings reflect ever-improving genetics for prolific bloom production, gorgeous flowers and an excellent growth habit.

You can now grow an exciting new plumeria yourself, using fresh seeds direct from the JJ groves. Every seedling is genetically unique, creating endless opportunities for new shapes, colors and patterns.

Choose from nearly 50 types of seeds, including our best "silver tag" varieties, such as Obsession, Karma and Encore, plus seeds from an assortment of our miniature trees.

Order now to grow over the summer

Garden season is here

Did you know that our Vista greenhouses are open? You can either stop by our seven acres of palms and tropical plants, or order online for curbside pick up. We follow strict protocol for cleaning and disinfecting our work surfaces!

On behalf of John, Christie and our JJ staff, we want to send big thank you to all our fans - as an owner-operated small business, we appreciate your support.

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