April 6-7 - Cutting Sale & Demos. Now over 60 varieties plus onsite specials. Join us!

Spring is here, and it's the perfect time to root cuttings and start seeds, so to help you get started, we're holding a special event for cuttings.

We root tens of thousands of cuttings every year, and we realize we're not the only ones who enjoys this. So this year, for the first time, we'll conclude our cutting sale on the weekend of April 6-7 at our Vista, CA growing grounds. Approximately 30-40 varieties will be available for fans who want to root JJ plumeria themselves. Rooting demos will be held every hour, showing our techniques for rooting JJ cuttings. Bring your questions! We'll also have JJ seeds, fresh from our groves in Thailand, available for purchase.

$10 off the purchase of 5 cuttings - April 6th 10a-2p & April 7th 9a-3p

An update on the start of plumeria season: as much as we love rain (no drought) and chilly weather (for curling up on the couch), we are most definitely looking forward to warmer weather. As I write this, I can report that the vast majority of this year’s crop is happily planted and warming itself at 72F in our greenhouses. Leaf claws are pushing out, and May is just around the corner…

A nod to our fans in sunny Florida! In previous years, the big box stores in Florida and the Southeast didn’t carry the variety of JJ plants like what we provide on the West coast. Please understand, while there practical and business reasons for this, we hear your requests for more! In 2019, Floridians can expect to see the best selection ever of Jungle Jack’s varieties, including Pink Jack, Mystique, Piccadilly, and (drum roll please), a Florida-exclusive release of our dwarf Potpourri, plus the first commercial introduction of Pizzazz, our newest miniature variety. It’s so new that the plants will be released with a generic Pink White JJ tag (the tags aren't printed yet). Just look for the dark green, corrugated leaves and highly compact habit.

We also have a number of new introductions lined up for you, so keep an eye out for notifications. There will also be a couple silver tag surprises… :-)

That’s it for now…back to warm weather!

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