Happy Holidays from your Jungle Jack Crew!

Jack in the research field

To all our fans around the world

We’ve been enjoying this quiet time of year... not that we haven’t been busy, because we have been… getting ready for the 2019 season.

Cleaning and repairing greenhouses, ordering materials, mixing soil and filling pots - there’s a lot involved in the production of 30,000+ plumerias.

Getting ready for 2019

One of the key elements in preparing for an upcoming season is working through the availability and pricing of our 200+ varieties. If this sounds somewhat difficult, well, that’s because it is. In preparing our price list, we take numerous factors into consideration, including projected availability/production volume, customer demand, variety quality plus any competitive factors. Based on our yearly evaluation of our Thai production fields, conducted every November, we make best-guess determinations of the quantities of cuttings that we’ll be able to produce for each variety. This can range from less than five cuttings for introductions to thousands for some of our higher volume varieties, and these estimates are a factor for potential price changes.


2019 Price List

However, there is one constant in our pricing considerations, and that is making superior cultivars available at prices that our customers can afford. Some of our very best varieties, e.g. California Sunset and Divine, are sold at our lowest price point, and the vast majority of our plumeria range from $17 to $45. And that’s for an already rooted and established plant.


Yes, we do have more expensive varieties, but generally those are either brand new introductions in very limited quantities, or varieties like Obsession, which is an outstanding plumeria but difficult to produce.

All things being equal, if a variety is both an exceptional flower and lends itself to production, we are going to grow a higher volume as soon as we can. We believe that access to better varieties of plumeria at reasonable prices benefits both the plumeria collector and the plumeria community as a whole.


PreOrder for the 2019 Season

Every winter, we evaluate and improve our ordering and fulfillment processes. For 2019, we’ve simplified the pre-order process by extending it to virtually ALL of our

plumeria plants. This means that you will be able to pre-order any plumeria plant for delivery on or around June of 2019. In the case of our very limited or high demand varieties, e.g. Heatwave and Opus, pre-ordering may be your best and only chance at getting your hands on one in 2019.

JJ Gift Certificates

December Bonus Time

For this holiday season, we’re offering a 10% discount on all plumeria pre-orders or JJ gift certificates, provided they are PAID by December 31st. Shipping and handling charges excluded from discount.

Introducing EPIC


On a final note before 2019 begins, we've readied a full schedule of new releases, including a couple of outstanding dwarf varieties.

To give you a taste of the new season, we’re happy to formally introduce Epic (aka SR10), a variety which has been kind of lingering around the edges, but after great feedback from customers we will make consistently available next season. Now available for PreOrder!

That’s it for the moment…enjoy the holidays and best wishes for 2019. We’re looking forward to another exciting plumeria season with the support of our great fans.

John and Christie

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