Introducing Boutique (and don't miss our July 7th Open House)


In our Jungle Jack groves in Northern Thailand, we work tirelessly to bring new and exciting dwarf plumerias to market, and Boutique is our new favorite.

Only one out of a thousand JJ seedlings meet our criteria: attractive dense growth habit, outstanding bloom production, lovely unique flowers and in this case, excellent floral fragrance.

Boutique excels in all of this, and we think you'll love it as much as we do.

July 7th Open House - Don't miss this great event!

Our annual Open House, held in our Vista, CA greenhouses showcases thousands plumeria at the height of bloom season. We'll have a wide selection of budding or flowering plants, plus introductions and specials. Remember, on a small percentage of our 200+ varieties are sent to big box stores, so come to our Open House to pick out your favorites.

Here's a sneak peak at the specials, available only at our Open House.

  • Palindrome: medium - $100

  • Sorcery: medium- $45

  • Boutique: small - $25

  • Zephyr: medium - $95

  • Grace: small - $20

  • Atlantis: small - $30

  • Plum Crazy: small - $65

  • Serenade: small - $40

  • more to be announced

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