2018 Bloom Season is Here!

Ready for Plumeria Season

It's been a busy spring at Jungle Jack's Plumeria, and we've worked hard to get budding or blooming plants to our fans. As always, private nurseries get JJ deliveries first, and offer a wide selection of our 200+ varieties.

By the end of May, our distributor is sending plants to Lowe's Garden Centers. Big box stores get a limited selection - about 10-12% of our current catalog. However, to keep

things interesting, we've added just a few Silver tags plus a couple other high end JJ plumeria... with Premium hang tags. Enjoy the hunt!

Please remember, we have NO IDEA which stores get our plants! The garden center must order JJ plumeria, so talk to your local Lowe's or Home Depot garden manager if you want to see Jungle Jack's plants in your store. You can always stop by our greenhouses in Vista as well - lots of plumeria are blooming now.

This year we've added gorgeous Vanda orchids at the great price of $30. If you're interested in these spectacular orchids, please call Christie at (760) 967-9301 to order Purple, Yellow, Pink, Salmon or Maroon flowering plants. Photos are representative of the brilliant hues in stock; individual colors may vary. Quantities are limited, and once they're gone, they're gone.

If you're waiting for your PreOrder plants, we'll start shipping after we check the potted plants for roots. See the ribbons? We added them so we can easily find PreOrder plumeria among the thousands of plants in our production greenhouses.

Please remember that some varieties take longer to root than others (especially with this cool weather), so we'll notify you when your plants can be shipped.

One last item - Save the Date! Our annual Open House, held in our Vista, CA

greenhouses showcases our unique plumeria at the height of bloom season. We'll have a wide selection of budding or flowering plants, introductions and specials too. See you then!

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