Reserve our Rarest Plumeria

Preparing for the 2018 bloom season

Out of our 200+ plumeria varieties, about a fifth have limited availability and sell out every year. Even though these particular plumeria are our own seedlings and we have the mother tree, we don't have a lot of it to bring to market. Some stock we'll always have plenty of, e.g. the lovely Divine, but others always have limited availability, such as Calypso.

Behind the scenes, we actually do a lot of yield management, and winter is harvest time in our Northern Thailand groves. Some years we have a lot of cuttings of a particular flower, another year, only a handful, and rarely, none at all. For our customers, this affects the availability of certain JJ varieties.

For many years our JJ fans asked us to reserve plants for the upcoming season, so we've enhanced our website to include PreOrder - a big improvement over our manual system! This new feature lets you be first in line for the high demand plants.

Limited or rare means

  • New releases from recent years, and the tree is still small

  • Slow growing trees

  • Seasonal variances as the tree recovers from last season's cutting harvest

  • Cosmetic damage on the trees

  • Varieties for which we only keep one tree

Reserve your Plumeria Now

Want to start the season early with a great plumeria? Select the PreOrder option in the Online Store by March 31. After your order is submitted, you'll get an invoice that includes shipping and handling. All invoices must be prepaid in order to reserve the plumeria for you. As soon as the plant is shippable, we'll notify you and send it to its new home.

To make it fair to everyone, the orders will be fulfilled in the order received and paid. In April, any remaining PreOrder stock will be rolled into our normal inventory, though a few will be held for our annual Open House in early July. Don't wait - some varieties will be so limited we will only have 2-3 plants available.

Click on my photo to get started on the 2018 season!

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