New Shipment to Enchanted Gardens, plus a 2017 Introduction: Piccadilly

Texas Fans

We've been making lots of plumeria shipments to the Texas area, and another went this week to Richmond's Enchanted Gardens. Private nurseries get a great selection of our plumeria, so check it out!


This pink-white plumeria is an absolute circus of fragrant blooms. We have yet to define a blooming season for this variety because it never seems to stop. Compact to semi-compact growth habit, and a beautiful perfume scent.

Capturing the true color of a bloom can be tricky, and we really hate to adjust the colors in photos, and typically don't change anything other than get rid of dirt and sap.

However, our previous photo of the magnificent Opus was taken with Jack's old camera, and looked too purplish.

So, a bit of color correction to reduce the blue tones, and voila - a much better representation of the deep, rich red of this excellent flower.

Plumeria season is heating up, and what better way to celebrate the warm weather than a special bloom. Come see us in Vista!

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