Open House Saturday, July 8th

Every year, at the height of bloom season, we hold our Open House to showcase our

200+ unique plumeria varieties. All the retail greenhouses are open so you can select those special plumeria to take home and enjoy.

Click on the photo for more details --->

Top 10 Reasons to Go to the Jungle Jack's Open House

10. Because you want to show all the ‘Zonies that you’re tougher than them by hanging in the 110 F greenhouses….

9. Our hot dogs and hamburgers blow away In-n-Out and 5 Guys….

8. The shuttle bus to the parking lot is a very stylish ride…

7. Free Starbucks, donuts, and bagels???? Hooyah….

6. You get to watch John get frazzled trying to find that that one in a thousand plant…

5. Your spouse won't notice one more plant...

4. Lots of code names and Mystery, next best thing to going to Thailand yourself…

3. You really don’t have enough plumerias yet if you can see a bit of dirt…

2. Lowes or Depot may have 30-40 plants; we have a few more than that, like a few thousand more. ‘nuff said…

1. Because you’re not gonna let a little traffic get in the way of your plumeria obsession, now are you????

In addition, we're announcing specials and introductions every day. Here's a look so far...

Don't miss this amazing event. See you there!

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