News! Announcements! Shipments!

Hello out there in Plumeria Land! It’s finally that time of year, plumeria season! We know many of you are eagerly awaiting the initial

release of our plants (so are we!), so we’re very pleased to announce that our first 2017 shipment to Lowe’s starts May 22. Some of you noticed smaller lots going out to Home Depot over the past couple weeks.

A few notes on this year’s release…one, it’s one of the best blooming years we’ve had in a long time, so your odds (depending on variety of course) of finding a plant with an inflo or flower buds are excellent. The number of varieties, particularly in the Medium size (8” pot), is also excellent. Several varieties from ‘Collector’ tags are also in bloom.

And yes, we’ve continued our tradition of including the occasional Silver tag. However, if you anticipate scoring a Karma, Tapestry, or Spellbound, let’s look at some statistics. Out of 4,000 plants in this release there will be 8 Silver tags in total: four Medium size (8” pot) and four Small size (1 gallon pot). As a percentage, that’s .2%. If you’re fortunate enough to find one, we hope we make your day! As I’ve said in the past, we do this to make shopping for plumeria fun.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can head out to Lowe's and find every variety we carry. That isn’t the case and won’t ever be. Spoiler alert - there will be one (and only one) Calypso going out. Whoever gets that one has basically won the Jungle Jack’s lottery! That won’t happen again this year, and maybe never. Happy hunting ;-)

Now for a couple practical items. All of these plumeria are growing in our custom rooting media. It’s a wonderful mix, but when you have a rooted, healthy, growing plant in warm conditions, it will dry out very quickly. Therefore, we recommend that you transplant to a larger container by mid-July. Until then, you can plunge the smaller pot into a larger pot or into your garden, but don’t disturb the roots or repot. We will have our custom blended plumeria potting mix available by sale by mid-June, but any well-drained soil will suffice.

If you're waiting for a mail order shipment, nearly 100 are ready to go now that the new crop is rooted and the cold weather subsided. If you received an invoice, that means your plants are ready to be shipped as soon as we receive payment.

Next, be on the lookout for ‘sneak peek’ announcements. We’ve got an amazing variety of budded plants available in our private Oceanside propagation facility, so many that it’s practically impossible to move them all to Vista. As a result, we will open our Oceanside greenhouses to visitors for a ‘sneak peek’. Check Facebook or the website for these flashes. We will let you know as far in advance as possible, but it won’t be more than a couple occasions and for just a few hours…but if you can make it you’re in for a treat!

Happy plumeria season to all…. Jungle Jack's

P.S. Don't miss our 2017 introductions, such as Encore, with several more new ones coming this spring.

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