Welcome to JJ's 2017 Plumeria Season

Greetings…As I write this in early March I’m on my way back to the US from my second trip of the year to Thailand. (Yes, that’s a lot of flying, and no, I have not been on vacation). There are a lot of downsides to long distance flying, but I do find that a 12 hour flight affords me plenty of opportunity for reflection, consideration and planning. With another busy spring and summer season looming, a little thinking time is a good thing indeed.

The last 9 weeks have seen Jungle Jack's cut, prep and ship over 140,000 cuttings to our JJ distributors around the world, including Japan, Greece, Italy, Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands, Florida as well as our own California growing grounds. We’re also in the process of a major expansion of production capacity at our Thai growing grounds to nearly 100 acres.

Opus - available now!

We have a good number of great new varieties lined up for release this coming season, and hint hint…something really cool planned for late in the season: a whole new category of plumeria.

We’re also getting close to the all-inclusive April tour of our Thai growing grounds (still room available for anyone who wants to join and participate in what may be the coolest

plumeria experience of your life).

In case that wasn’t enough, we’re also well into the pre-production of our 3rd catalog edition… more to come on that later, but we’re adding a bunch of varieties and making some meaningful content improvements. So, yes, lots happening!

On a more tactical level, we’ve decided to offer bare root plumeria for shipping. While we still very much recommend shipping intact plants in their containers, we realize the additional shipping costs can be a problem, so for those who are confident in their growing ability this is a more affordable option. See my latest blog on Bare Root Shipping, and become a Subscriber (see our Home page) to get updates on my blogs, sales and other news.

A final note…spring is only a few short weeks away…

Hopefully you and your plants made it through the winter unscathed and ready for a wonderful 2017 plumeria season.

See you soon! John

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