Bare Root Shipping Now Available

During the dormant season we review ways to improve our logistics, and evaluate requests from customers. Many JJ fans have asked that we offer a bare root shipping, and we've implemented this option in our online store. Here's how it works!

What's the difference between Bare Root vs. In Soil shipping?

At Jungle Jack's, we believe in shipping a plumeria that's ready to grow and bloom as soon as it arrives, so we ship the plant with the pot, soil and all. Once you get it, you can plant it! Whenever possible, we select plants pushing inflorescences (inflos, for short) so you'll get flowers the same season. The undisturbed roots and intact leaves means that plant is ready to flourish.

Bare rooted plants, however, need to reestablish themselves after replanting. To prevent shock and dehydration, and to focus the plant's energy on reestablishing itself, all leaves and inflos are removed prior to shipping. Unlike In Soil shipping, we do not extend our JJ guarantee to cover plants shipped bare root.

Is the Bare Root Shipping less expensive?

Not as much as people think. If you've ever used FedEx, you'll notice that the shipping price is based on the box volume and not the box weight. For example, a 10 lb. plant in a large box is about twice the shipping price of a 10 lb. plant in a small box! That's why, when you order multiple plants, we put as many as we safely can into each box.

What size plumeria can be Bare Root shipped?

We offer Bare Root shipping for Medium / 2 gallon sizes only. A medium size plant has had sufficient time to establish a good root system. Why not Small / 1 gallon sizes? Two reasons: new roots are too fragile for shipping, and the shipping cost (remember, it's box size that matters) is the nearly same for In Soil vs. Bare Root.

Are Bare Root plumeria plants less expensive?

The plant price for a Medium / 2G plumeria is the same, regardless of whether it is shipped In Pot or Bare Root.

As always, we confirm your order by manually checking our greenhouses for the best plumeria plants available. Order today to start enjoying your bloom season!

Lots of new blogs and introductions coming - stay tuned!

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