It's Shipping Time! JJ in Retail Stores

Several times a year we put thousands of Jungle Jack plumeria on the retail market. Here's what we send, and how it works.

As many of you are aware (and, judging by the number of phone calls, eagerly awaiting),

our first shipments of 1 gallon and 8” plumeria goes out to retail stores this week. It’s a busy time for us, but I wanted to set expectations and also tell you what we know, along with what we don’t.

First, for those of you in Florida, our distributor is planning on shipping near the end of the month. Although you may have been told by Lowes’ personnel that they are not getting shipments from that supplier, I have confirmed with my distributor that that only applies to their orchids. At this time and to the best of my knowledge, our plants will be going to the Lowes in Florida, and this year, they should be 100% tagged with Jungle Jacks tags. You can expect to see the usual suspects, including plenty of Divine, along with Thumbalina and California Sunset. In addition, there will be some pretty cool stuff. I'm not going to give the game away entirely, but you can expect some nice surprises.

For those of you in California and Arizona, plumeria should be showing up in the stores next week. I’m not 100% certain about the Arizona stores, but I believe some of our plants are in fact going there.

With that said, I’d like to make some points about how this works. First, we have no control and no information about which plants go to which stores, so please don't call us with questions. We load the plants on racks, which go on a truck, which go to my customer’s distribution center, from where they get loaded on other trucks and sent to the stores. That’s really about as much as we know.

We hand check (with the old fashioned pull test) to make sure the plants are rooted when we are pulling the orders. I know they sometimes get abused and loose through rough handling, but nothing leaves our nursery that way. I've been watching these plants daily since I stuck the cuttings in pots in February and I can tell you with certainty that every plant we send out is rooted and healthy.

It’s no secret we include some of our collector varieties in these shipments, sometimes on purpose, sometimes by accident (to our staff a plumeria is pretty much a plumeria, and when you're moving hundreds and sometimes thousands of plants at a time, things get pretty wild). The reason we do it is fairly simple – it makes it fun, both for us and our customers. However, lest you think you’ll be able to run down and grab a Gina at the neighborhood Lowes, consider the odds. We'll be including collector varieties in this year’s shipments at the rate of about 2 per thousand, so it’s kinda like a plumeria scavenger hunt. Best of luck to you all! On the other hand, we had extras of a few other choice varieties this year, and some of those may be showing up with a little more frequency. FYI, we won’t be price matching this year, as that proved to be too complicated for us to administer last season.

One final note – this year’s crop looks pretty good, even by our standards. There are lots of bloomers (keep your eyes open for Xanadu), and a number of varieties we have not previously released to wholesale. Also, if you think you're seeing our plants in a store minus the tag (our 8” containers are very distinctive) by all means let us know! A couple stores took our tags off the plants last year, and that's not supposed to happen.

Join our Facebook page: as it’s the best place to hear from us and other JJ fans about retail shipments. Hope this information helps, and happy hunting!

P.S. Just to tease you, there will be 2 Xquisites out there somewhere, in bud.

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