2017 promises to be a GREAT year!

First off, 2017 greetings to all of our friends and customers from us here at Jungle Jack’s. Thanks again and as always to all our fans for your support of what we do.

It’s always kind of nice, after a hectic season, to take a break, relax, regroup, and then prepare for the coming year. I will admit that our offseason used to last a bit longer, but these days there’s really not much of a gap. We’re already well into the process of clearing our greenhouses, mixing soil, and filling pots for next year’s crop. We’re also in the initial development stages for the next edition of our catalog, so stay tuned for updates as we get further into the 2017 season.

At this time of year we also take stock of lessons learned throughout the previous season. We’re always trying to improve as much as we can, and believe me, there’s always something that needs improvement. One area that went a lot better was our online ordering and fulfillment. We modified our processes with the intent to deliver online and phone orders more rapidly, and I hope the improvement was noticeable.

NEW in 2016: Online Shopping

A lot of work went into our new web-based store that now uses a shopping cart. This gave us a much easier way to make our inventory visible: when we’re out of certain size or variety, we simply reflect it in our Shop. However, you'll notice you can't pay on the spot. There are too many variables in shipping live plants, so please wait for an invoice from us. Hint: If you just want to cruise through the photos and descriptions, use Browse instead – it’s faster.

As for the upcoming 2017 season, I can promise you that we have a number of excellent introductions in the pipeline, and we’ll make announcements early next year. Not to drop too much of a hint, but one of them is beyond a doubt the best red plumeria variety we’ve ever had… lots of WOW factor!

Aside from brand new varieties, there is one item I’d like to address, and that is the perception that you can simply walk into a big box store and purchase the whole spectrum of Jungle Jack plumeria. That simply is not true.

Yes, we do sell a large number of plants into the big box setting. Generally speaking, these are the varieties that we grow in bulk for the wholesale market. On occasion, we do mix in a few plants of other varieties that normally sell for a bit more. Usually this is due to a cutting bonanza that created excess inventory – so think of this as a one-time event that’s unlikely to be repeated.

And of course, most of you are familiar with our practice of putting a few of our special plumerias into some of the shipments. This is something we do to spice things up for everyone. Unfortunately, it’s also created a perception that any time you want you can get Karma, Obsession or other Silver tagged plant at Lowes or Home Depot. That is simply not the case, and never will be. In general, we include 2 or 3 Silver tagged plumeria with every 1000 or so regular varieties in a shipment from our Vista greenhouses.

This misperception gave us pause: one solution we thought about was to end this practice, but we felt that wasn’t the best thing to do. Instead, we will post announcements whenever an order goes out with Silver tags in it. We’ll let you know how many plants are in the shipment and which big box chain ordered it. After that, it’s totally luck of the draw to find a Silver tag! As always, we do not know or control which individual stores our distributor sends our plants to: ask your local garden manager to order Jungle Jack’s plumeria.

If you’re looking for our higher end varieties, they are available through our resellers, including Upland Nursery, Parkview Nursery, Konishi Plumerias, Florida Colors plus a couple others. Although we always welcome everyone to visit our extensive Vista greenhouses and purchase from us directly, if visiting one of our resellers is more convenient, we encourage you to do that too.

Til the next time… John

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