We’re pleased to introduce the first commercial soil designed specifically for plumerias. Our proprietary mixture features a perfect combination of drainage, moisture retention and aeration for optimal root growth and plant development. This is truly a Cadillac soil mix, for your most special plants.

Rooting Mix for Plumeria

Every year, we root thousands and thousands of cuttings in our production greenhouses. Our hand-mixed rooting blend gives cuttings excellent drainage plus enough moisture retention to root properly with 99% success rate.

Better Performance and Reduced Winter Losses

This potting soil blend is the result of many years of continuous development and improvement under real-life nursery growing conditions. Ingredients include slow release micro-nutrients, a nitrogen booster, calcium carbonate and dolomite for pH balancing, and a couple secret ingredients. The result: we believe our plumeria soil mix is better than just about any other potting mix on the planet.

Potting Soil for Plumeria

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