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Online only! Winter Special from your friends at Jungle Jacks. These rooted plants are dormant and not currently bloom.


NO CALIFORNIA SHIPPING. All other US-based destinations - shipping included in price.


We ship either when your local weather warms to a safe temperature or when you request shipment. At Checkout, select 'Shipping included in price - $0'. This is NOT automatic.


4 pack of Small (1 gallon potted, single tip) plumeria: Dragon Tears Laredo Princess Pixie Dust SuperNova for $95 including S&H. Regular price: $114 plus $40 S&H. Save $59. While supplies last.


Dragon Tears Unique yellow white plumeria with large 3-4” flowers in a distinct twist with red pagoda tips. Brilliant red orange streaks in warmer weather. Great fragrance, similar to tuberose. In very hot climates, grows best in semi shade. Medium to tall growth habit.


Laredo Princess Excellent pink white blooms in huge clusters, and one of our top ten blooming plumerias. Fabulous strong floral fragrance. Medium growth habit. Can get pagoda tips.


Pixie Dust Abundant, brightly colored pink flowers with a well-defined orange center. Eye-catching white graininess on the petals. A strong blooming medium sized tree, especially when larger. Great cinnamon fragrance.


SuperNova Since the pink, yellow, and white flowers open with intense coloration and then fade gracefully, it's like having 3 or 4 different plumeria on one inflo. Thick petals and nice floral scent. Medium growing tree.

SALE 4 pack: Dragon Tears Laredo Princess Pixie Dust SuperNova NO CA

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