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Online only! the fabulous Heatwave and the gorgeous Golden Whisper in Medium size (8" or 2gal pot) for $200 including S&H. Regular price: $210 plus $55 S&H. Save 25%


Heatwave: Absolutely stunning, thick petaled, bright orange and fuchsia blooms that seem to shimmer with the heat. Can creat pagoda tips. Even the new leaves and branch tips are a beautiful coral color on a thick wooded, semi-compact tree. Gorgeous thick, glossy leaves. Light floral scent.


Golden Whisper: Large 3 1/2" golden orange flowers with a striking pink edge and a strong, rich, creamy fruit fragrance. The name says ‘whisper’ but the colors on this flower shout out ‘incredible’. Starts dark pink and orange, and gradually fades to gold, yellow and pinkish purple. The coral color is a bit brighter than this photo. Excellent bloomer and semi-compact growth habit. Medium thick petals and thick branches.

SALE: Golden Whisper & Heatwave incl S&H

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