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Online only! Winter Special from your friends at Jungle Jacks. These rooted plants are dormant and not currently bloom.


All US-based destinations: shipping included in price. We ship either when your local weather warms to a safe temperature or when you request shipment. At Checkout, select 'Shipping included in price - $0'. This is NOT automatic.


4 pack of Small (1 gallon potted, single tip) plumeria: Fuji Mist Ken's White Macarena Synchronicity for $95 including S&H. Regular price: $117 plus $40 S&H. Save $62. While supplies last.


Fuji Mist Very large mauve to lavender 4"+ flowers that fade to a gorgeous lilac/grey color. Scent varies from light floral to strong sweet fragrance, a bit like grapes. Semi-compact to medium growing plumeria and gorgeous emerald green leaves. Reminiscent of Mt. Fuji in the early morning or late afternoon.


Ken's White Perhaps our best blooming white plumeria, with a vigorous medium growth habit. Nice strong floral scent. Blooms constantly and grows quickly once established in the ground. Gorgeous glossy bright green leaves. One of our loyal customers fell in love with this then-unnamed tree.


Macarena Ivory white flowers display lots of interesting details: dark red orange starburst heart, bright pink edges and a large yellow center for contrast. Medium growth habit.


Synchronicity Gorgeous 3" pink blooms feature a large peach center, white rolled rim and heavy deep pink veins throughout the petals. Combines a gorgeously strong, sweet coconut vanilla scent with a robust semi-compact growth habit. Blooms from almost every tip.


SALE 4 pack: Fuji Mist Ken's White Macarena Synchronicity

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