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Online only! Winter Special from your friends at Jungle Jacks. These rooted plants are dormant and not currently bloom.


All US-based destinations: shipping included in price. We ship either when your local weather warms to a safe temperature or when you request shipment. At Checkout, select 'Shipping included in price - $0'. This is NOT automatic.


2 pack of Small (1 gallon potted, single tip) plumeria: Golden Whisper and Opus for $95 including S&H. Regular price: $137 plus $30 S&H. Save $52. While supplies last.


Golden Whisper Large 3 1/2" golden orange flowers with a striking pink edge and a strong, rich, creamy fruit fragrance. The name says ‘whisper’ but the colors on this flower shout out ‘incredible’. Starts dark pink and orange, and gradually fades to gold, yellow and pinkish purple. The coral color is a bit brighter than this photo. Excellent bloomer and semi-compact growth habit. Medium thick petals and thick branches.


Opus Not our first red flower but far and away our best. This is truly a work of art, combining amazing color with a strong, semi-compact growth habit, not tall and gangly like other reds. Fantastic deep red or crimson blooms with a nice floral scent.

SALE 2 pack: Golden Whisper Opus incl. S&H

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