BROWSE: Miniature Plumeria

When we first introduced our miniature Plumerias, the demand surprised even us. Every year we add new and exciting dwarf plumeria so you can enjoy heavy blooming, full size blooms - at eye level! Each variety is an outstanding addition, and we hope you’ll try them all.
Very unique, big 3-4"+ translucent pink / yellow blooms on a dwarf tree. Strong peachy perfume scent. Great bloomer that keeps getting better. Fabulous bloomer with huge bouquets of large pink-edged flowers on a small plant. Sensational fragrance and magnificent color. Reintroduced by popular demand.
Outstanding 1 1/2" circular pink blossoms with a vivid orange center on a miniature, very branchy tree. Excellent bloomer. Enjoy her strong floral scent, reminiscent of the tropics, from dense inflos.
Slow growing, very branchy miniature tree, with delicate, highly changeable 2-3" flowers. Spicy scent. Long lasting thick blooms that vary from yellow to orange to red with pagoda tips. Faithful bloomer that creates dense inflos on short tips.
Fantastic pink white flowers with a wonderfully strong perfume scent. pink veins, Yellow-peachy color toward center. The hotter the temps, the more intense the pink colors. Blooms in multiple flushes over a very long bloom season. Very dense growth with branches growing shorter as the tree ages. The leaves are thick and shiny. Reliable, prolific, heavy bloomer that's cold tolerant. Our first dwarf plumeria and probably our finest.
Lovely star-shaped pink blooms with a striking orange and yellow center. Beautiful perfume scent and strong grower. Very compact, dwarf plant.
Vivid deep yellow, thick, long lasting 3-4” blooms with pale yellow veins, contrasting white edge and a green center. Blooms reflex heavily, resulting in ball-shaped flowers. Early, reliable and heavy bloomer, with a nice peachy scent. Size, shape and color consistent all year and all temperatures. Dwarf growth habit slowly becomes a large tree over time. Excellent thick, short branches with multiple tips.
Lemon Ice
Large, broad yellow white flowers and reliable bloomer. Fast growing dwarf plumeria with vigorous and reliable flower production. Looks more yellow in the heat, and a very nice strong floral scent. Medium thick flowers in heavy inflos. Excellent branching.
Mini Me
Twin of our very popular Divine - the same bright pink yellow white flowers and strong floral scent. A true miniature tree, and even more compact than Divine. Perfect for container growing. Blooms throughout the season.
Mini White
Very delicate white blooms with a soft pink edge, like a painted eggshell. Nice strong floral scent with a touch of caramel, and the same prolific blooming and dwarf growth habit as its sister, Divine.
Great growth habit, even for a dwarf, and forms a ball shaped tree. It's more compact and branchy than our best known miniature, Divine. 2-2 1/2" orange tan blooms with a large amber center, a deep red heart, and a very attractive pink rim. Medium spicy scent.
Our newest dwarf plumeria, her 2 1/2” yellow and white blooms are rimmed with a magenta edge. Each orange heart bursts into a vivid pinkish red star that extends across each petal. In the heat, the edges develop a purple haze. Beautiful details show off the flowers on this miniature growing tree. Medium floral scent.
Elegantly shaped, 2 1/2" medium pink blooms with a huge orange yellow center, pointed petals and lovely rolled white edge. Blooms in dense clusters. Medium sweet scent, a bit fruity. Dwarf growth habit, outstanding bloom production and a lovely balanced tree.
Delicate pink yellows blooms from ruby colored buds, and those colors intensify in the heat. Flowers last a long time. Terrific dwarf growth habit and inflos held high above the leaves. Very long, prolific bloom season. Strong sweet fragrance.
Pink Jack
Large, intensely colored reddish pink blooms with deep red edges and yellow streaks from the orange center. Becomes almost totally red in peak heat. Heavy bloomer on a miniature tree. Loves the heat and can handle full sun without fading. Great strong floral scent with a touch of cinnamon.
Jungle Jack is famous for breeding miniature growing plumeria, and we're proud to say Pizzazz, a Divine seedling, is even more dwarf. Her pink white flowers are very similar to Divine in color and scent. Our first super mini has thick, silvery wood, gorgeous dark green, corrugated leaves and very dense growth. Profuse inflos on a late blooming, shrub-like tree.
Excellent medium pink blooms with strong orange streaks from the center, cupped petals and lovely rolled white edge. Blooms in dense clusters. Compact growth habit adorned with small wonderful wavy, ruffled leaves. Very strong perfume scent.
Translucent 4" pink blooms with very thin pink edge, bright orange center on a miniature-sized, very branchy tree. Deep pink starburst skips across the petals. Strong spicy basil fragrance that smells just like Thai food.
Salmon Jack
Utterly gorgeous 4"+ blooms on a very compact growing tree with lovely round leaves. Thick petals, strong sweet fruity scent. Vividly colored, with a mottled blend of pink, white and orange.
Huge, eye-catching 4"+ white yellow blooms get a vibrant red orange throat in the heat. Nice floral scent. Beautiful dark green leaves on a heavy blooming, miniature tree. We like this plumeria A LOT.
Incredible early bloomer in a vivid array of pink, white and yellow, almost kaleidoscopic in fashion. Very heavy bloomer that sends the clusters well above the leaves on tall stalks. Nice spicy sweet scent. Dwarf tree with long leaf stems.
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