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If ever there was a tough selection for a gallery, this was it. Fragrance is so personal, and so hard for many people to describe, that I waited for lots of feedback before posting this collection. Here's my current favorites (there are a LOT more), and you can expect this list to grow!

A tall-growing, thick wooded yellow plumeria that puts out incredible blooms in basketball-size clusters. Strong, very sweet fragrance.
Very unique, big 3-4"+ plumeria blooms on a dwarf plant. Strong peachy perfume scent. Reintroduced by popular demand.
Large clusters of strong floral scented 4" blooms, on a medium plumeria tree. Can reach 6" of vivid, shimmering orange. Very heavy bloomer and thick petals.
2018 Introduction: Outstanding 1 1/2" circular blossoms in pink with a vivid orange center on a miniature, very branchy tree. Excellent bloomer. Enjoy her strong floral scent in dense inflos.
Fantastic perfume scent, and profuse bloomer. Semi compact habit. Expect this one to become a popular plumeria.
California Sunset
Vibrant sunset colors on thick petals, with huge clusters of 2-4” blooms. Semi-compact, excellent keeping quality and incredibly long bloom season. Strong peach fragrance. This Penang Peach seedling is one of our best plumeria.
Large clusters of bright, white flowers with hints of yellow and pink. Blooms early and continues through the growing season. Called 'the good white' because it blooms so well with a wonderful perfume scent. Semi-compact to medium growth habit.
Chiang Mai Girl
Deep pink to maroon-pink buds develop into 3-3.5" star-shaped flowers of white and yellow with shades of pink and red-orange throat. Slightly overlapping with up to 6 petals per flower. Strong fresh spicy lemon fragrance.
Large, vivid 3-4" hot pink blooms with lots of streaking and a yellow and pink pinwheel center. A robust, very strong grower and heavy bloomer with a wonderful strong scent. Very nice thick, medium short growth habit with good branching. Very cold tolerant plumeria.
Clair de Lune
Her outstanding, powerful lemon scent will stop you in your tracks. 3 1/2 - 4" spidery yellow white blooms on a medium tall plumeria tree.
Large 3-4" pink white flowers above lush dark green foliage. Strong bloomer with a great form. Growth is semi-compact with very thick branches. Incredibly strong fantastic fragrance, and the thick blooms form a perfectly round bouquet.
Desert Sunrise
Dense, long lasting clusters of blazing, yet delicately colored 3-4" flowers. Thick, yellow-orange blooms with dark pink veining and dark pink outer edges. Sweet Scent. First and last to bloom. An amazing display when the entire tree blooms. Shiny green foliage. This stunning plumeria belongs in every collection.
Strong semi-compact to medium growing plumeria and very good bloomer. Very sweet strong scent.
A brilliant rainbow plumeria with an amazing scent. Very consistent bloomer, big flower. Medium growth habit. Very cold tolerant.
Fool's Gold
Soft yellow 4" blooms with a bright yellow center, with pink red bands. Large, brightly colored clusters on a medium tree. Consistent early blooming plumeria with wonderfully scented flowers.
Gingerbread Man
Long lasting 3" yellow white blooms with an excellent coconut fragrance. An extremely vigorous and heavy blooming plumeria. Semi-compact to medium growth.
A heavy blooming, thick petaled white plumeria with a beautiful perfume scent. Tends to have a crawling growth habit, and never gets too tall.
Strong, early blooming, 3”+ yellow white blooms with numerous clusters. Under high heat, develops beautiful red veins. Medium growth with heavy branching. Scent is medium to strong floral. A standout when the entire plumeria tree lights up, blooming all at once.
Inca Gold
Pure yellow, thick 3"+ blooms with a beautiful strong perfume scent. Consistently early, heavy blooming plumeria with semi-compact to medium growth.
A yellow-white plumeria must really special be part of our collection, and Incognito makes the cut. Fantastic scent, nice symmetrical growth habit, and a good bloomer.
Laredo Princess
Excellent pink white blooms, and one of our top ten blooming plumerias. Fabulous fragrance. Medium growth.
Like its Tolkien namesake, this plumeria occupies a special place, somewhere between pink and purple. Rich buttered fruit fragrance.
Marco Polo
Stunning 3-4" red, orange, pink and yellow plumeria. Painted look to petals. Wonderful strong scent. Compact growth.
Gorgeous plumeria with huge 5"+ flowers. Yellow becomes a little pinker in the heat of summer. Strong sweet scent. Medium-tall growth habit. Cold tolerant. Named by the beloved plumerian, Bud Guillot.
Queen Amber
Unique 4" blooms glow with soft pastels, and yet the colors are completely vivid. Heavy bloomer, fast grower, and sweet coconut peach fragrance. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder but I can't think of a prettier plumeria.
Rain Dance
A very new plumeria that’s really, really good looking. Excellent scent with very long lasting blooms.
Large clusters of brightly colored, 3-4" peach-scented flowers. Beautiful blooms, strong sweet scent, and very good keeping quality. This near-dwarf variety is one of our best blooming plumerias.
Impressive 4 ½” red plumeria, with its white rolled edge, will impress you with its compact growth habit and amazing bloom habit. In cooler temps, a nice rainbow. Thick petals. Intense rose fragrance to some, hot buttered rum scent to others. Very compact growth and amazing bloom habit.
Sublime 4" plumeria evokes a desert sunset, with soft yellows giving way to a faint purple haze, accompanied by an excellent floral scent. Great keeping quality, medium growth habit.
The most strongly scented of all our plumerias. A robust grower that produces large clusters of thick textured 4+ vanilla white blooms. During peak bloom, it’s possible to detect the intense spicy fragrance nearly 100 feet from a larger tree. Truly amazing…
Sedona - her elegant shape complements a blend of salmon, pink, brown and red tones. This beauty evokes the majestic colors of the Red Rock country in Arizona. Very strong peach scent, thick petals and a very good bloomer.
Gorgeous 3" pink blooms feature large peach center and heavy veins throughout the petals. Semi-compact growth habit, nicely scented flowers.
Tangerine Dream
This beautiful, coral and orange 4" flower has a lovely perfume scent. One of the longest blooming seasons of any of our plumeria, with individual inflos lasting 3 months or more.
Thai Jade
Fantastic clusters of delicate cream-colored blooms, 3”+, with a hint of pink, enhanced by a strong, slightly sweet fragrance. A strong grower and reliable plumeria.
Named since the flowers looking like they were out to the pub last night. Lovely scented plumeria; a customer favorite. Wide pink petals with large yellow center. 3-3.5" that flop over beautifully. Very strong jasmine scent.
Tong Deng
Stunning intense red/pink bloom with highly contrasting deep sunset yellow center. 3.5-5” flower with very distinctive foliage and wood. Growth habit is medium, and the scent is strong floral.
Definitely a distinctive purple plumeria, and by far our best. Super thick 3-4” blooms on compact thick growth. Her coloration goes from greys to lavenders to deep rich lavender and gold hues with an orange yellow center. In high heat her edges turn dark purple. Her fragrance is sweet. Strong bloomer.
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