BROWSE: Coastal, Cool or Short Season Climates

If you live near the coast and enjoy very moderate temperatures, you'll notice that some plumeria bloom in full size with bright colors, and others only glow when a heat wave hits. By popular demand, I've compiled the best JJ varieties for your unique climate. Hint: this list will get longer as more JJ fans report in!

Each distinctive, tightly cupped 4-5" flower is strongly striated on an excellently blooming, semi-compact tree. Bloom color varies widely, from bright yellow in cool weather to intense pink to dark reddish orange in high heat. Humidity brings out her gold dusting. The strong veins always appear, and her colors don't fade. Nice medium spicy scent.
A tall-growing, thick wooded yellow plumeria that puts out incredible blooms in basketball-size clusters. Cupped petals, often in shell form, turns salmon color in heat. Strong, very sweet spicy fragrance.
California Sunset
Vibrant sunset colors on thick petals, with huge clusters of 2-4” blooms with an excellent keeping quality. In the early spring the flowers start out yellow, and as the summer heats up the blooms turn shades of dark orange and red. Semi-compact growth habit, fast growing and an incredibly long bloom season. Strong ripe peach fragrance. This Penang Peach seedling is one of our best plumeria, and very easy to grow.
Ceylon Beauty
Blended 3.5" orange peach and pink plumeria with little white splashes, and can get burnt orange color. Wide, lightly overlapping petals. Strong scent of spicy tropical fruit. Similar to our Firestorm, but a more delicate and slow-growing semi-compact tree.
Large, vivid 3-4" hot pink blooms with lots of streaking and a yellow and pink pinwheel center. Turns ruby red with heat. A robust, very strong grower and heavy bloomer with a wonderful strong floral scent. Very nice thick, semi compact growth habit with good branching. Very cold tolerant plumeria.
Desert Sunrise JK 3
Dense, long lasting clusters of blazing, yet delicately colored 3-4" flowers. Thick, yellow-orange blooms with dark pink veining and dark pink outer edges. The highly variable shading and veins are gorgeous. Sweet grape scent. First and last to bloom. An amazing display when the entire tree blooms. Shiny green foliage on a semi-compact tree. This stunning plumeria belongs in every collection.
Fantastic pink white flowers with a wonderfully strong perfume scent. pink veins, Yellow-peachy color toward center. The hotter the temps, the more intense the pink colors. Blooms in multiple flushes over a very long bloom season. Very dense growth with branches growing shorter as the tree ages. The leaves are thick and shiny. Reliable, prolific, heavy bloomer that's cold tolerant. Our first dwarf plumeria and probably our finest.
Striking, delicately streaked 3-4" pink orange blooms with a hint of rainbow. Coloration ranges from pink and yellow to deep, rich, shimmering coral, always accented with strong veins and feathered edges. Thick petals, excellent keeping quality and heavy bloom production. Medium to strong peach cream scent. Slow growing but robust compact tree offset with dark green foliage.
A strong semi-compact plumeria that we originally called 'painted pink' because the swirl looks painted on. 3-4” thick blooms on good clusters. Petals become more pink and the center more orange as the temperature rises. Retains strong pink color after picking. Soft sweet spicy scent and a fantastic, reliable bloomer. Beautiful, thick, emerald green broad leaves on thick branches.
Heavy bloomer with beautiful, thick, almost burgundy red 3 1/2" flowers with a contrasting creamy white upturned edge. Cooler weather allows bright coppery orange colors to come through. Intense non-fading colors and long flowering period. Mild spicy fragrance gets stronger in the evening. Strong semi-compact to medium grower with thick, shiny oval leaves and good branching.
Grace Vista
Vivid deep yellow, thick, long lasting 3-4” blooms with pale yellow veins, contrasting white edge and a green center. Blooms reflex heavily, resulting in ball-shaped flowers. Early, reliable and heavy bloomer, with a nice peachy scent. Size, shape and color consistent all year and all temperatures. Dwarf growth habit slowly becomes a large tree over time. Excellent thick, short branches with multiple tips.
Inca Gold
Pure yellow, sometimes with a touch of white, thick 3"+ blooms and a beautiful strong perfume scent with a touch of jasmine. Consistently early, heavy blooming tree with upright, medium growth. Reliable early bloomer and a strong grower.
Amazing 3-3.5" red orange blooms with a gold center that radiates bright red and pink colors. Very thick textured, rolled edge flowers with a medium spicy sweet fragrance that gets stronger as the blooms age. Heavy dramatic veining that changes with the temps, making each flower unique. The name is from our research field code, and somehow stuck. Gorgeous, very thick glossy leaves on a well-balanced, compact, heavy wooded tree.
Stunning yellow blooms show off vibrant red tips and are nicely scented. Heavily blooming, strong yet compact grower. Thick flowers that change daily in shape and appearance, depending on the weather. When it's hot, the entire bloom is orange. One of our signature pagoda-shaped plumeria, distinguished by its naturally wavy, almost crinkled foliage. Big thick leaves. A strong yet semi-compact grower and very heavy bloomer. Light vanilla fragrance.
Any plumeria that produces huge, basketball-sized clusters is special. Beautiful 4" pink yellow blooms have a large bright yellow center with a deep red starburst. As the heat climbs, the bright pink edge gets larger and larger until it covers the entire flower, creating a white feather effect. Reliable, prolific clusters over a long bloom season. Very good keeping quality and nice floral scent. Fast growing, medium-sized tree is easy to grow and branches well.
Name aside, this plumeria is no joke. Each flower manages to look fantastic in a wide range of temperatures. Highly changeable, the pink, yellow, orange colors appear in many combinations, including a vibrant coral red in high heat. Medium growth habit, corrugated leaves, and nicely sized inflos, very thick flowers over 3”. Unusual fresh sweet mushroom scent. We evaluated this one for nearly 3 years before releasing it.
Marco Polo
Stunning 3-4" red, orange, pink and yellow plumeria. Painted appearance to the thick petals. In cool weather, the flowers resemble Jenny, and with a little bit of heat, the orange center pops and gorgeous mottling appears. Wonderful strong floral scent. Prolific, very reliable bloomer. Medium growth habit.
Very delicate white blooms with a soft pink edge, like a painted eggshell. Nice strong floral scent with a touch of caramel, and the same prolific blooming and dwarf growth habit as its sister, Divine.
Mona Lisa
3-4” striking mix of vivid yellow and pink that would be at home in the Louvre. Rounded, thick petals and large clusters. Gets more solid pink with heat, and a dark red starburst appears. Lovely strong, sweet perfume fragrance, especially at night. Slow growing, compact growth habit with slightly wavy, crinkly leaves and beefy branches.
Gorgeous 3"+ pink white plumeria with a fiery red heart in full clusters. Dark red heart spirals out of the yellow center. In heat, the pink veins cover the thick petals, and the center becomes orange. Tall growth, plus strong floral, almost citrus, fragrance.
Intense, very veiny deep rose coloration on large 4-5" flowers in big clusters. Very good bloomer with excellent tree form. Scent is a medium perfume. Medium-tall growth makes a nice canopy tree with thick ribbed leaves.
Queen Amber
Unique 4" mauve apricot colored blooms glow with soft pastels, and yet the colors are completely vivid. Heavy bloomer and spicy coconut peach fragrance. Fast grower into a semi-compact tree. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder but I can't think of a prettier plumeria.
Large clusters of brightly colored, 3-4" lilac pink and white flowers with a brilliant yellow center. In the heat, the red heart spreads deep pink veins across the petals. Beautiful blooms, strong peach to coconut scent, and very good keeping quality. This near-dwarf, slow growing compact tree is one of our best early blooming plumerias. Good brancher, very compact, low spreading and branchy with thick wood.
Impressive 4 ½” red blooms with a white rolled edge will impress you with its compact growth habit and amazing bloom production. In cooler temps, a nice rainbow, and in heat, a rich plum color. Thick petals. Intense rose fragrance to some, hot buttered rum scent to others. Very compact growth, good branching and long narrow leaves.
The most strongly scented of all our plumerias. A robust, medium growing tree that produces large clusters of thick textured 4"+ vanilla white blooms. During peak bloom, it’s possible to detect the intense spicy jasmine fragrance nearly 100 feet from a larger tree. Huge leaves and a very good brancher. Cold tolerant. Truly amazing…
Huge, eye-catching 4"+ white yellow blooms get a vibrant red orange throat in the heat. Nice floral scent. Beautiful dark green leaves on a heavy blooming, miniature tree. We like this plumeria A LOT.
Huge, full clusters of beautiful, very round pink and orange 3" flowers with gorgeous, thick, overlapping petals. With heat, the blossoms turn a beautiful dark pink to deep red with graining through the petals. Never stops blooming – clusters can start blooming again in the spring. A very strong grower. Stays semi-compact with short branches. Soft spicy scent.
Tai Surprise
Beautiful multi-colored plumeria with wonderfully scented 4" pink blooms that last forever over a very long season. Thick cupped petals, large yellow orange center, sweet vanilla fragrance, and nice sized clusters. Semi-compact, heavy blooming tree, even when young. Lots of red veining on the overlapping petals and we love that little upturned edge.
Taj Mahal
Unusual colors highlight these stunning 2 1/2 - 3” white yellow, pagoda-shaped blooms that emerge from red buds. Petals show bright red on the pointed tips and petal rims, an orange tinged yellow center, and upward curling edges. Fresh lemony, salty scent. Great bloomer on short tips with a nice medium growth habit. Can bloom in partial shade. If you see buds dropping, move it around your garden until you find that perfect spot.
Thai Splash
Incredible 3-4” propeller-shaped blooms in large clusters above dense, dark-green leaves on a medium growing tree. The red, yellow and white speckles highlight the bright rainbow background. Purple edges with heat, and the entire flower can turn orange red. Easy to grow. Medium spicy scent. Heavy reliable bloomer over a long season.
Incredible early bloomer in a vivid array of pink, white and yellow, almost kaleidoscopic in fashion. Very heavy bloomer that sends the clusters well above the leaves on tall stalks. Nice spicy sweet scent. Dwarf tree with long leaf stems.
Beautifully shaped, brightly colored 4" blooms with heavy multicolor streaks across a predominately pink background. No two flowers are the same, as each is uniquely striped. In heat, the feathered edges are purple, offset with the white rolled edge. Thick petals and a nice floral scent. A very unusual,heavy blooming compact tree.
Very colorful swirl of white, red, pink, and orange with hot pink feathered edges. Large clusters. Fabulously strong caramel scent. Thick trunk and vigorous, medium growth habit. Wide 3-5" blooms with very round petals that heavily overlap. Early bloomer. One of our rarest plumeria varieties.
Vienna Rose
Very unique pink blooms, heavily veined in white, with a rare triple starburst center. White feather on the back of the petals. Colors stay very consistent in cooler weather. Exquisite carnation fragrance with a touch of spice. Medium growing tree with thick branches.
Fabulous vivid colors from start to finish, sporting bright clear pink with yellow peachy in the center as the heat turns on. Nice rounded, overlapping, thick petals. Excellent keeping quality and the blooms don't fade. Strong rose fragrance, then a spicy candy smell. Upright, medium growth habit. Our best, brightest rainbow plumeria and a strong early bloomer.
Amazing 3-4" yellow blooms with red pagoda tips was named by a delightful girl who admired the flowers in our Vista greenhouse (yellow + unique). Thick petals don't fade. Medium growth from a very nice, solidly blooming tree. Red cluster and leaf stems showcase the bright colors. Lemon fragrance.
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